In this promo video of Pretty Little Liars, we get a glimpse into the girls continued hunt for A. Mona is gung-ho on finding out who Red Coat is, and it seems like she thinks she should pay for trying to kill the girls by burning down the building. There’s also the big reveal of who is in the trunk.


This upcoming season is sure to be one for the books, considering that the show has already been renewed for future seasons. The trailer also shows a body floating in the pool, of who we can only assume is Emily or Paige since they spend so much time on the swim team. The trailer also features the girls all in black, as if attending a funeral; but who’s?

It has officially been confirmed that the boy in the trailer is Aria’s new love interest who will be Rosewood’s martial arts instructor, who’s name is Jake. He will be portrayed by the actor Ryan Guzman.

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