In the latest promo video for Pretty Little Liars episode titled “Crash and Burn, Girl”, there are ally’s everywhere, but A still lurks and destroys. Aria talks about A attacking Hanna’s mom, Emily’s parents, and now her brother Mike, asking if it “can get any worse”. What a horrible question to ask when A is around!


The promo also shows Spencer comforting a hysterical Hanna. Toby and Caleb are also on the case now, making a graph and post-it’s regarding A’s whereabouts as far as they now. One sticky note mentions Wilden’s car, and another with the question “Where Is A?” plastered on it.  Hanna is also shown visiting her mother in prison, and Mrs Marin does not look very happy in her orange jumpsuit. Hanna tells her “nobody else is buying it”.

Emily is on still gung-ho on finding another murder suspect to present to the detectives. The girls are snooping around what is appears to be Wildens house. Spencer finds a note from A, and then Emily has a pop-up on her computer hinting to Wilden’s house, and now destroying hers. The video finishes off with a car crashing into Emily’s house.

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