In the upcoming trailer for next weeks episode of Pretty Little Liars titled “Cat’s Cradle”, the girls talk about their connection with Wilden’s death, and a graph that Hanna witnesses at the police station. Toby tells the girls that “A always knows when you’re at your weakest”. The girls then find a mask that is a duplicate of Alison’s face. The fact we saw half burnt last week in the RV that Toby handed over.


Spencer and Toby speak, and Spencer tells him that the girls are going to have to find out what he did with the RV. After all, it can’t remain a mystery while Spence knows her boyfriend stole it for A. Toby breaks down, holding himself while rocking saying “Oh my god Spence”.

Spencer and Toby are seen walking through a building, with the papers in his hand. Perhaps he is going to find out what is happening with his mothers case. The video also shows Aria with a strange man in the mask shop, grasping a bat as if ready to swing at any moment.

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