In the sneak peek video below, Hanna, Aria, and Emily go to visit where they believe is the maker of the mask that strongly resembles Alison. With the Ali mask in tow, the girls approach the abandoned home. Only there seems to be a blonde woman sitting on the porch.


Either there was a real person in the chair on the front porch, or this man likes dressing up dolls and throwing masks and wigs on them. Perhaps he’s been in cahoots with A in order to have the A team pull of all of their tricks. There have been several masks worn by people who have tried to harm the girls.

The man comes out of his house as they girls approach it and says that his ad says that he prefers if people call before showing up. Hanna pulls out the Ali mask and shows it to the man, asking if he made it. He tells the girls that they’d better come inside…

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