After a crazy season premiere, a new promo video has been released by ABC Family for next weeks Pretty Little Liars episode “Turn of the Shoe”. It features the girls and Mona searching for something, and Toby in a heated discussion with Spencer. In the promo, Toby tells Spencer that turning over the lair was imperative to finding out important information that he needs.


Spencer gets angry and the two end up in tears over his decision to give “A” what she wanted in exchange for information on his mothers death. Maybe he finds out what happens, or gets played for a fool and gets no answer. The video also shows a female body, who is probably Paige or Emily, floating in the pool. The girl could either be dead, or in need of CPR..ASAP. 

Quick flashes to Aria doing some kick-boxing, and Hanna talking to someone who looks like Mrs. DiLaurentis.

What do you think about next weeks promo?

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