In a new promo video for episode 2 of season 4 of Pretty Little Liars released by ABC Family, Spencer and Toby get into a heated argument regarding the RV lair. Toby tells Spencer that ‘A’ demanded that he hand it over in exchange for information about his mother. Spencer yells at him and says that doing more things for A will only egg her on further.


Then Spencer asks him the question we have all been wondering. How did he know where the lair was hidden? Toby tells Spencer that A already knew were the lair was hidden and told him where he could find it in order to bring it to her.

Spencer tells Toby that he has now ridden the Liars of everything they had to protect themselves and to find out who A is. Toby then says that he now knows about his mother, as the transcript from her doctor at the mental institution reveals she had committed suicide.

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