Pretty Little Liars season 4 Ep 1 clips video. In the newest clip released of the premiere episode of season 4, Hanna and Emily are talking to each other about the drama surrounding Hanna and her mother, and the famous car incident. Hanna tells Emily that she would be best off taking her mothers advice of “keeping your friends close and your enemies closer”. The enemy being Mona, of course.


Meanwhile, Spencer is off investigating the burn down building when she runs into Toby, who is cold in his welcome, telling her they should not be there. They talk about why the building was burnt down, and if it was Ali’s way of saying she was ready to come home. Emily pays a visit to the DiLaurentis house and runs into Ali’s mother.
She asks Mrs. DiLaurentis where Jason is and if informed that he is down south renovating the grandmothers house. Out of this clip compilation, I am most eager to see Spencer and Toby speak about the fact that Alison is still alive, and brought them all together for a reason. Which is your favorite scene from the clips?

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