One of the main mysteries of Season 4 of Pretty Little Liars is the identity of Wilden’s murderer. The main suspect at the moment is Hanna’s mom, Mrs. Marin. There are several clues which link her whereabouts when she was supposed to be in New York, back to Rosewood where the murder took place.


The dirty Manolo’s in the bag under the kitchen sink was a major clue. According to Hanna, those were her moms favorite shoes and they were absolutely destroyed with dirt. At the end of episode 1, Turn of the Shoe, Mrs. Marin is seen taking the bag containing the shoes out to the trash. No doubt this will be ammunition for A.

Hanna’s mom was also extremely short with Hanna when she questioned the shoes and where she really was (see video below). Mrs Marin tells her that she doesn’t need to answer to Hanna and that she should mind her own business. Her face has guilt and enigma written all over it.

Do you think Hanna’s mom killed Wilden?

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