The season 4 premiere of Pretty Little Liars, there was not only great suspense, but also some amazing music! Mona came clean on everything she and Team A did and didn’t do the the girls. After first finding a dead pig in the back of Wilden’s patrol car, they later come across a crime scene with his dead body in it. Mona helps Hanna retrieve the hard drive that houses the evidence of her mother hitting Detective Wilden.


Ezra and Aria have a run in at the coffee shop and decide to be civil with each other after Ezra accepts a job back at Rosewood, though Ezra encourages Aria to see other people in order to more easily get over him. She disagrees but later tells him she wants to see other people, after having a daydream, or day horror, that he gets arrested for sleeping with her. 

Emily has agreed to move to California with Paige after graduation, and apply to Stanford, where Paige has already been accepted. Emily also helps Mrs. DiLaurentis move some of Ali’s things back into the house where Mrs D is apparently building a shrine, or fixing her room back up as if Ali is alive and coming home any day. Either Ali really is coming home, as Spencer suggested she may be ready to do, or Mrs. D has some serious acceptance issues when it comes to her daughters death.

There was also a flashback of Toby and Alison in his room, about to kiss when Toby’s mother looking ill walks in and catches them. Toby expresses his concern to Ali, who says that his mom is just lazy for waking up in the middle of the day. This flashback was caused by a text Toby received from “A”, taunting him about his mother and finally saying that her cause of death will be revealed if he hands over Mona’s lair.

At Wilden’s funeral there is a mysterious guest and a cell phone in his casket housing a blocked call and a call to “Kisses” which rings to Hanna’s mom’s phone. Hmmm.



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