This week on “The Turn of The Shoe”, there was plenty of drama for the girls. as per usual. The Liars were still not sure if trusting Mona was a good idea, and when she took them to visit the RV in order to gain their trust it was missing. A showed up, choked Mona, and then hit Emily with the car.


Toby later admitted to Spencer that he stole the RV for A in exchange for information about his mother. The reports from Radley suggested that Toby’s mother was very much looking forward to getting back to him, however her cause of death was ruled a suicide. Spencer attempted to comfort him while still trying to cope with receiving a rejection letter from UPenn.Aria decided to take up a kickboxing class and ran into her now new love interest, Jake. She kisses him and bails before he can react. He later shows up at her house and offers to take her to dinner or coffee. She accepts for coffee.

Hanna finds her mothers shoes and a toothbrush under the sink, only her mothers Manolo’s are covered and caked with mud. She questions her mother about the shoes and gets a very defensive and jumpy response from Mrs. Marin. It’s later revealed that Detective Wilden was murdered by a woman in heels. Hanna doesn’t tell anyone, but it seems she is considering her mother as the murderer.

Mrs. DiLaurentis has a talking bird that repeats things Ali said and the girls catch on to a phone number the bird is humming. Ali’s mother also recalls a flashback of when Ali was in Cape May with her family and threatened to suffocate herself in order to get her way and go hang out with other people.

Emily turns to pain killers in order to swim after Paige catches on that she’s in pain. Emily wants the other scholarship to Stanford so she can swim and be with Paige. Unfortunately, she became very dizzy and slammed her head into the side of the pool.

What did you think of this weeks episode?

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