Emily and her mother are staying at a motel and her mom urges her to go to her college guidance appointment rather than help her unpack. The girls are at Spencer’s house when Mrs. Hastings comes home and tells Hanna that her mother has been moved to the state prison, but that they will appeal.


Ashley calls Hanna to talk about the move to the prison, and that Veronica will bring her to the prison to visit. Hanna meets with Mona to help her perfect a lie confessing to wildens murder. Mona tells Hanna that its a big risk asking for her help considering she could have been the one who set up the car crash.

Hanna comes up with a motive of threatening wilden of telling everyone he got Alison pregnant. Mona and Hanna perfect Hanna’s lie. Caleb catches Hanna with Mona and never leaves. He catches Hanna before she can leave to tell the police. Mona confesses to killing Wilden.

Aria runs into her brother at school, who tells her he will be out late. She also finds out that he is taking martial arts classes. It turns out that Jake has been giving Mike martial arts classes, and be told Jake he needed to fight against his teammates. Mike calls Aria and tells her he’s sleeping at a teammates house.
Emily shows up for her college prep appointment with Mr Fitz. Her questions her about someone trying to hurt the girls again. He urges her to apply colleges and to contact Zoe for a reference. Emily meets with Zoe to discuss her recommendation from her work for Habitat For Humanity. Emily says that she wants to go to Nicaragua for the summer to help again.
Caleb talks to Spencer about Hanna and that he doesn’t want her alone. He and Spencer discuss Toby and that he is in New York trying to find out who the phone number Nigel gave them. Caleb visits Ashley to discuss Hanna. Ashley tells Caleb that she is worried about what Hanna might do.
Spencer goes to Radley to talk to Eddie Lamb about Toby’s mother. Eddie tells Spencer that Wilden was paid off to lie on the official report. Spencer shows her mother Wildens botched report.

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