This week on Pretty Little Liars, there were characters returning, and one possibly leaving for jail. Aria’s mom was invited to go to Austria with her younger boyfriend, which Aria insists upon after A threatens to take down the Liars moms. Aria and her new hottie Jake watch a black and white film together and he tells her that he is going to keep things from getting dull.


Melissa returns from DV and hears about Wilden from Spencer. She tells Spencer that it may be time for the both of them to get out of Rosewood. Melissa is later seen at the police station talking to the investigator about Wilden’s death. After all, she was on the board that Hanna saw as one of the people connected.

Calebs returned this week as well! He spoke to Hanna about his father and how he forgave him. Caleb reassures Hanna that her mother didn’t murder Wilden. Even then, Hanna grills her mother about her visit to New York and later finds “get well” flowers on her desk saying she missed the show.

Spencer tries to find the number that the bird was chirping through a reverse number directory and has no luck. Toby goes over the doctors notes and Spencer suggests they tell the girls he took the RV before they find out She also says they should go back to Radley and find proof that he mother actually committed suicide. They find no proof.

Emily visits her doctor about her shoulder and the doctor in turn calls her mother to warn her of a possible medication issue with the hydrocodone. Emily’s mom finds 7 missing pills and everything ends up in an investigation of Emily’s mother possibly abusing her. A called social services to tip them off, and now Emily’s father is on his way home.

Emily, Aria, and Hanna also find the mask maker, who gives them information in return for a mold of Emily’s face. Hanna sneaks around and finds a masks that resembles Melissa.

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