This week on Pretty Little Liars was revealing, heartbreaking, and emotional. While Emily and Spencer are doing dishes, they discus Emily’s shoulder and Toby at Hanna’s. The girls all agree that Hanna needs all of them. Hanna won’t eat and is talking to Caleb about not losing him and him finding out who’s framing her mom.

Emily and her mother discuss a shot therapy that may prevent her needing surgery. Emily’s mother tells her Hanna should spend more time with her father. On the way to her therapy Emily visits her mother and sees keys all pertaining to Wilden’s case.
Conor shows up at school with his destroyed car. Mike tells Aria he didn’t do it. School official confronts Aria and asks if mike is still taking his medication and that he is a suspect in the car vandalizing.  Aria tells her father about mike and there is a meeting with the principle. Ezra sticks up for mike and mike gets off the hook.
Hanna visits her mother in prison. They discuss what she should wear to her court date. Hanna makes a ski trip with her mom in denial that she may be charged. Hanna is talked about at school and everyone stares. Spencer stops by to tell Hanna about what’s happening with her mothers case and she falls apart.
Caleb and  Toby talk about the girls and if Alison is still alive. Toby is insistent on a flight that red coat took. Caleb and Toby find a guy named Nigel at the airline. He says he made a fake flight plan for CeCe the night of the fire.
Emily, Spencer and Aria go to Wilden’s apartment after Emily steals the keys. Aria finds porn and socks in his bedroom and they find a box full of expired steaks with a note from A. Emily’s mother gets suspended from work when she can’t find the key Emily took. Emily receives a message from A. A car is crashed through Emily’s house.

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