The promo video for next weeks episode titled “The Guilty Girl’s Handbook”, Mona sits with Hanna and prepares her for her false admission that she killed detective Wilden. Mona looks at Hanna and tells her that Wilden was as close to her as she is now. That Hanna shot him, and asks her what it felt like. Hanna gives Mona attitude and asks her why she’s asking that question.


Mona tells her that it is the type of question that will help the police determine if she’s lying or telling the truth. Mona tells her to make her believe she was there and committed the murder. Mona makes her tell her what she “did”, and that they are going for self-defense. 

Hanna comes up with a story that Wilden tells her she can’t fix this problem, but that she’s her mothers daughter and may be able to find a way. Caleb shows up at the door then, looking shocked that Hanna is sitting at the table with Mona.

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