Mona has been a character in limbo since episode one. During one episode you pity her for her geeky image and bullying. However, in another episode you fear her for her murderous glare and scary smirk. It seems that Mona has taken a spot on the Liars team now and wants to find out who A really is.


Unfortunately for Mona, the liars are not taking to her as she’d hoped, as in the last episode Hanna had a pretend girls day with her. It is pretty creepy that she knows how each girl takes her coffee, and intimate details she should never know but does, due to her stalking them on team A.

There could be a strong argument made for both sides of Mona’s true allegiance, whether it be with the girls or with A. She was honest and told the girls what she did while she was following A’s instructions. There is something about her though, that should still be questioned. After all, it has only been one episode since she was against the girls.

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