This past week on Pretty Little Liars, Toby and Caleb teamed up and found the airline that supplied CeCe a plane the night the lodge caught on fire with everyone inside. The psychologist Toby found to talk to about his mother mentioned a blonde girl that had visited his mother. And the night of the fire, there was a blonde girl with a red coat on, which we can only assume is Red Coat or a diversion of some sort.


CeCe has been pretty enigmatic during her entire presence in Rosewood. She was in the photos with Ali and “beach hottie”, and seemed to know alot about Ali and her possibly pregnancy that summer before she was found dead.  After Caleb and Toby determined from the compass it was Nigel Wright who faked the flight plan, which he says was for CeCe Drake, they end up in a brawl and end up in possession of his phone.

Later, we see Nigel talking with someone who he calls “babe”, apologizing for slipping up. That person appears to be Jenna, given the shot of her glasses and walking stick. So is Nigel lying? Or did CeCe start the fire? Who is really involved? I guess we will find out in this season, as writer Marlene King promised that Season 4 would bring about the big answer of if Ali is still alive.

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