In the following sneak peek of episode 8, titled “The Guilty Girl’s Handbook”, Ezra attempts to build Emily’s confidence and encourages her to apply for college, even if it’s not with a swimming scholarship. Emily comments that the college Ezra picked out, saying that it is tiny and that there aren’t many slots and the chances of her getting in are slim.


Ezra tells her that she has a better shot than most people. That the small college would be excited about the volunteer work she put in over the summer in Haiti, and the fact that she volunteered her time, and thought about others. He tells her she is impressive, and she says she doesn’t feel impressive.

Ezra tells Emily to contact Zoe and ask her to write a reference. Ezra tells Emily that someone has to remind her who she really is. She gives him a grim look and leaves the classroom.

Are you happy to see Ezra looking out for Aria’s friends?

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