After last nights dramatic and insanely gripping episode of Pretty Little Liars, viewers are left with one question. Did Mona really kill detective Wilden? We all know that Mona is capable of many things, but taking a jail sentence for one of the liars was never one we thought we’d ever see.


After trying to help Hanna convince herself that she actually killed Wilden in order to take the blame off of her mother, Ashley, who was scheduled to be moved to the state prison, Mona took it upon herself to show up at the police station. At first, it looked as if she was going to pin it all on Hanna, and let them know that she knew who really killed Wilden.

The suspense and instant relief when each other the girls got the text message that Mona had admitted to murder Detective Wilden, was amazing, and now Ashley will be free to go home from jail and Hanna will have her mom back! Since Mona was so good at making up that story, we are left to wonder if there was some truth behind it, and if Mona actually had an encounter like the one she and Hanna created.

What do you think? Do you think Mona actually killed Wilden?

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