Pretty Little Liars creator Marlene King spilled some super juicy secrets to The Hollywood Reporter regarding the upcoming season. “It felt like it was time to start delivering on answers,” she tells THR. “We’ve been hiding Easter eggs since season one and the pilot, and it felt like it was time to let the audience in on what we’ve been doing. Though the drama is known for embarking on circuitous routes in answering the series-long mysteries of Alison’s killer and the identity of the enigmatic “A,” King declares season four “the season of answers — and it starts right away with the premiere.”


She adds: “The beauty of season four is [we’re] going deeper with these characters than we’ve ever gone.”

THR: You teased that in the season four premiere, the identity of the Queen of Hearts will be unveiled. How will that reveal play into the ongoing mystery? How many more reveals should we expect to be doled out over the course of the season?

King: Yes! The person on the Halloween train who poisoned Aria and stuck her in the box. We’ll definitely answer the question of whether Alison was flying that plane, if she was the one who pulled the girls out of the fire [in the finale], if Alison’s alive or if someone is posing as Alison with an Ali mask on. That’s the big answer that we’ll find out in season four.

THR: Should Alison as Red Coat be taken with a grain of salt?

King: The girls have thought that they’ve seen Ali several times and they had smoke inhalation, so it’s hard to say. [Laughs] Mona shed a little light [in the finale] and re-introduces the idea of doubt. Emily asks her in the finale if it was her who drug her to that grave and drugged her. Mona says, “Well Red Coat was wearing an Ali mask, so I have no idea.” There is the question of whether it was really Ali. We will find out.

THR: There is speculation that Alison has a twin sister or that the girls were hallucinating when they saw her. What’s been the craziest theory that you’ve come across about the Red Coat moment?

King: Gosh, the craziest? There are so many, and they’re so much fun. I’ve read theories that every single person on this show has a twin. There are theories that it’s Spencer’s twin in a blonde wig! There are so many theories out there, I love it. Of course the twin theory comes from the books. In the books, Alison had a twin named Courtney, and we go in and out of the books so you never know.

THR: Now that Mona’s assumed to be on the Liars’ side, what’s the dynamic like with her and the four girls?

King: In some ways, it’s still a mystery. In some ways, it’s comical. In some ways, it’s so heartfelt. Mona and Hanna loved each other once. They were best friends, they needed each other and they helped each other. It’s an emotional ride for them to decide where they’re going from here. We see these moments of two people who really shared so much, and then we remember that Mona hit Hanna with a car. It’s not going to be an easy journey, but they’re all on this journey together.

THR: How does Mona go about proving her loyalty, or does she?

King: Mona retrieves something in the very first few minutes of the premiere that Hanna wants and needs badly, and it’s the first test of her loyalty. It’s safe to say that they attempt to decide can we go back to what we once had or have we moved so far in the opposite direction that we can never be what we were again? It’s a fun part of the story in the premiere episode. I think fans are going to really like it. You leave the story wondering whether you can trust Mona — and that’s shocking to me. I would have thought a year ago we would never even be asking that question. But I think the fans will consider it. Fans love Mona. They love to hate her and sometimes we’ve felt sorry for her. I think she’s such a great three-dimensional character. She keeps getting more and more complex, and we love writing for that character.

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Pretty Little Liars‘ season four premiere airs at 8 p.m. Tuesday on ABC Family.

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