Things seemed pretty calm on the waters last week on Pretty Little Liars, when Mona was noticeably absent. This week and the looks of next week however, seem anything but calm. Could it be because Mona is still pulling the string of A?


Regarding her absence in the past episode, Mona says that she was busy tracking down the RV and trying to catch up with A. However, Mona is not without threats, and of course, reminding the girls that they could be taken down at any moment now that A has all of the evidence from the RV.Of course, Mona dropped the bomb about Spencer knowing that Toby took the RV to A the entire time, while the other girls were frantic. Whenever Mona is around, there are always problems and drama. Spencer did give it to Toby though, telling him she knew they should have told the girls before Mona day.

Do you think Mona could possibly still be on the A team?

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