Since the season 3 finale of Pretty Little Liars, in which several of the Liars, as well as Mona, saw Alison alive, there has been speculation in everyone’s mind of the reality of Alison’s death. Is Alison alive? I find it hard to believe that Alison is dead, seeing as since day one there were occurrences and traveling of information that ONLY Alison would know. How would anyone else know the things Alison had knowledge of?

Is Alison Alive? Pretty Little Liars

The show has lead us to consider Toby, Melissa, Jenna, Wren, Mona, Lucas, Caleb, and even Spencer as potential ‘A’ members. But all of this time it is more than likely that Alison could still be alive, and still playing her old tricks of making peoples lives a living hell. When the house burned down in the finale, Hanna and Mona see Ali, as does Spencer when she tracks down Red Coat. Be warned, the following contains SPOILERS!

Ali is a master at multiple identities, as she proved with her alternate-personality Vivian Darkbloom. She effectively convinced numerous people that she was someone other than her true self. If you are familiar with the books and the facts there, Alison DiLaurentis is still alive and the real person who was killed was her twin, Courtney. Ali was the one who murdered her.

There are more than a handful of moments when PLL has hinted at this twin possibility. However, the producers of the show said that they were not going to go down the same route as the books, but as a show based on the books, how far could they deviate? Just as with many shows, the challenge is trying to keep things exciting, interesting, and surprising while having the ending be fairly predictable.

Pretty Little Liars has done an excellent job of making sure we have no idea what will happen in the life of each Liar every week. Throw in the fact that Ali may have been pregnant by a police officer, and things are crazy! One thing is fairly certain though: Ali is Red Coat.

What do you think? Do you agree and think Ali is alive or do you think she’s gone for good? Here’s the final scene video to refresh your memory!

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