Hart of Dixie Recap “Act Naturally” – Family Matters

| February 11, 2014 at 12:15 AM EDT
Happy Birthday, Zoe Hart!

Sometimes Joel really seems to understand Zoe (everything becomes a shenanigan!) and sometimes he really doesn’t. This week on Hart of Dixie, it’s the latter when it comes to Zoe and birthdays. She doesn’t like to celebrate. Joel…. doesn’t seem to care because he throws great birthday parties and he wants her to have one.

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Hart of Dixie Recap: “Should’ve Been A Cowboy” – Bluebell Strip Tease

| February 4, 2014 at 12:29 AM EDT
Hey look! Lemon!

It’s Health and Wellness Month in Bluebell this week on Hart of Dixie. So it’s time for Zumba in the square and gluten free pancakes with agave syrup in the Rammer Jammer. And a bake sale? Oh Bluebell…. never change.

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