This season on Hart of Dixie we’ve seen two relationships on the show begin and get stronger with every passing episode. All four people involved are good people, provide a good counterpoint to their current significant other, and generally seem to be happy with their current relationship status. So what’s the problem?



The problem (for a lot of people, anyway) is one of the pairings isn’t Wade and Zoe.

I guess the issue is this: Are the happy and functioning relationships between Zoe & Joel (Rachel Bilson and Josh Cooke) and Wade & Vivian (Wilson Bethel and Lauren Bittner) equal to the end of Wade and Zoe? Despite a lot of worried comments I’ve received and seen from Hart of Dixie fans, I’m going to say the answer is no. Assuming they are done completely is a bit of a leap to make at this point.

First of all, why put multiple episodes of Wade saying that Zoe is still in love with him just to have it be for nothing? We will absolutely come back to those statements. And the kiss Wade laid on Zoe in the Hay Bale Maze (oh, Hay Bale Mazes are magical places) when he was drugged up on that truth-telling drug is not going to be for nothing. The fact that they are both happy in current relationships doesn’t change that. In fact, I personally believe that the fact that they are generally happy with Joel and Vivian, and that Joel and Wade/Zoe and Vivian are close makes it even a better story to tell when things bubble up to the surface between Zoe and Wade once again. The drama that will come in the fallout of something happening with Zade is even greater now.

(People who think this also opens a door for Zoe and George, I suppose you are right, but… A- Don’t give the writers any ideas. B- Their “we don’t like each other anymore” speech had a lot more finality and a lot less “complete denial” than anything Zoe and Wade have said to each other.)

And here’s another check in the “Don’t give up on Zoe and Wade” column. (SPOILER TYPE INFORMATION AHEAD) According to the latest Ask Ausiello column in TVLine  Josh Cooke (and therefore, Joel)  isn’t sticking around until the end of the season which would certainly have some impact on Zoe and Wade, because who does she run to when she is upset? Lavon. But also he has his own issues going on (sad!), so sometimes Wade. Who often answers his door like this:

I Run to You

So you can imagine how that would go. (FYI – CONTINUING POSSIBLE SPOILERS IN THIS PARAGRAPH) Also, if you go to Hart of Dixie’s page on the CW website they have pics for upcoming episodes. There are some for episode 13 (Zoe’s birthday) and episode 15 (Lemon’s return). Why am I pointing this out to you? Well, first of all, notice episode 14 has no promo photos on the website. And Episode 15 – Joel’s not in a single one. Hmmmm.

Anyway, my point is, do not despair, Zade shippers. You are a strong and vocal bunch. Don’t start rioting quite yet. The CW loves it’s dramaaaaaa, and right now all this happiness (and bonding with children and buying of houses) is leading to some explosiveness when it comes to these two. You think their recent friendship is going to make them love each other less? I don’t think so.

But I’d love to hear from you! Hit the comments!

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