Hello Hart of Dixie fans! Season 3 returns after the winter hiatus tonight and the obsession with love triangles in Bluebell continues on.

Wilson Bethel as Wade, Rachel Bilson as Zoe, and Lauren Bittner as Vivian

Wilson Bethel as Wade, Rachel Bilson as Zoe, and Lauren Bittner as Vivian

There’s one of the triangles now! This one involves cousins. ¬†So that’s a new twist at least!

Sorry if that all seems a bit snarky. I really am excited for Hart of Dixie season 3 to return tonight, honest. But I’m kind of completely and utterly over love triangles in any form. I blame the trailer for the Veronica Mars Movie. And also The CW in general. But despite my issues with it – the Triangles of Bluebell are back in tonight’s episode, “Something to Talk About.” (Can we take a minute and marvel that we are half way through season 3 and we are only now getting to an episode titled “Something to Talk About” because that’s pretty amazing, no? )

First up there is Wade dating Zoe’s cousin, Vivian. This is the cousin who up until 5 minutes ago hated Zoe. So that will go well. I guess this one is more of a love diamond, since Joel (Josh Cooke) still makes up a fourth point on this love geometry shape.

And then George (Scott Porter), who is nothing if he can’t pine for someone else while in a relationship, is dealing with trying to be a good boyfriend to Lynly when he finds out that Tansy (Mircea Monroe), who he probably is still in love with, is back in town.

Just for fun, there also seems to be some Annabeth (Kaitlyn Black) and Joel nonsense, which is sure to just be a weird misunderstanding of some kind. Because who would leave Lavon Hayes (Cress Williams) for Joel? No offense, Joel. You’re a charm.

Anyway, I realize this really sounded like an angry post. I’m sorry I’m taking my love triangle rage out on you, Hart of Dixie. But maybe if you stopped I’d be happier.

My recap is coming tonight! Come back and check it out.

But first check out tonight’s brand new Hart of Dixie at 8pm on The CW.

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