Last night on the Hart of Dixie episode, “How Do You Like Me Now” Lemon decided not to go after seemingly perfect man, Peter, because she didn’t want to ruin their one night.

Lemon Breeland, covered in big clothes and flowers.

Lemon Breeland, covered in big clothes and flowers.

To this I call shenanigans!! I have a lot of thoughts about Lemon’s love life as of late, which you can read after the jump.

Lemon Breeland (Jamie King) started off as, frankly, a shrill and nasty housewife in the making while engaged to George Tucker (Scott Porter). We all know I didn’t like her and felt she was unnecessarily nasty to pretty much everyone she came in contact with. But then the writers, for all the frustration they’ve caused me, actually humanized Lemon and made her a sympathetic character that had depth and purpose. I will admit that I kind of love her now. They took all that was shrill and nasty about her and have turned it on its head so it is almost consistently pretty endearing. Well played, writers.

That is why I’m so frustrated with the current state of Lemon’s affairs. Listen, I get Meatball (Matt Lowe). Sometimes we find ourselves turning to someone who doesn’t really make sense because we just need to be loved and admired. Sure. There are plenty of reasons that this happened. Especially because Lemon was feeling pretty bad about herself after everything that’s happened with Lavon (Cress Williams) and George and Walt. I get it. Add on top of that, her new found conscious has kept her from continuing her time as Belle. It’s all been pretty crazy for her. So Meatball makes sense.

But then she meets Peter (Robert Buckley). Beautiful, stable, plays silly games to mess with people, Peter. ¬†Letting him go after that first night… well I can understand that. He had to go do his job and she didn’t want to push. But then she found him (or I should say, Lavon and Frank found him) but she chose not to do anything about it! LEMON! You finally have someone who liked you for you, that you had chemistry with (physically, even) and was a person who you felt like you could be seen with in public. And you let him just go without any attempt at shenanigans to find him?? For the first time ever? Insane.

Now, I realize this is a TV show and things are done for reasons that don’t always have to do with story. For instance, one of the stars getting pregnant and not being able to plausibly write that pregnancy into the story. So here’s my hope on what is going to happen…

Jamie King is going to need to leave the show for a bit, right? She’s had the baby so some sort of maternity leave is necessary. I hope (pray) that Lemon goes and finds Peter right as that necessary time away is going to start and she finally goes off on a little adventure outside of Bluebell. Because if anyone needs to leave Bluebell for a few, it’s Lemon.

I don’t know what is going to happen, obviously. But that’s my hope for her, as a character, and for us to see Buckley again. What do you think? And do you hope Lemon’s love life starts to be as sunshine-y as her name is soon, too?

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