The merger between Bluebell and Fillmore is still hanging over the town this week on Hart of Dixie. But a (sort of) return from Bluebell’s resident fixer, Lemon, helps everyone out.

Sad faced Lavon (Cress Williams) and perfect girlfriend, Annabeth (Kaitlyn Black)

Sad faced Lavon (Cress Williams) and perfect girlfriend, Annabeth (Kaitlyn Black)

As you can imagine, the weekly shenanigans ensue…

My favorite part of this episode had to be seeing Lemon (Jaime King), even if only via computer screen. And of course, even if she wasn’t in Bluebell, it doesn’t mean she wasn’t able to fix all that was wrong. Well, mostly.

A Plan for Cricket

Even though the Belles hold no actual weight in the political aspects of the community and even thought Lemon and AB are no longer actual Belles, it doesn’t mean those two can’t use the group to help save Bluebell from Fillmore. The plan was to get Cricket’s connection to the Governor’s sister, Marian (Melinda Page Hamilton), as a way to get Marian to town to discover what a charmer it is and hopefully have her convince her brother to save it. It doesn’t go well at first because subtlety is not one of Cricket’s strong suits, and Marian quickly realizes she is being used. Feeling the wrath of Lemon quickly descending upon her from the internet (it’s everywhere, you know!), Cricket makes a last ditch effort to get Marian to stay by ripping the spark plugs (or something) out of her car. But now it’s on to Lavon to make something happen.

A Plan for LavonĀ 

Lavon hasn’t been doing so well. He’s staying in his pajamas, not leaving the house, and eating Bluebell out of it’s entire supply of ice cream. As much as AB tries to get him to go out and do what he can to fix Bluebell he doesn’t. He’s filed every bit of paperwork he could think of, but nothing is working and now he’s reached Lavon Hayes levels of depression. Cue Lemon on the computer to give him a pep talk! Or more like, just existing on the computer which was enough to get Lavon to want to get out of the house. He goes off to find Marian and convinces her to come to the cabaret that Shelby is putting on as a way to show what a delight this little town is.

A Plan for George

In order to get Lavon access to Marian uninterrupted, Lemon tasks George and Lynly with distracting the enemy – Scooter. George’s big idea: a double date hiking through the woods with George, Lynly, Tansy, and Scooter. Considering Lynly has been obviously jealous of George spending time with Tansy and Tansy saying that Lynly has crazy eyes, this is bound to go well! As expected, it quickly deteriorates as George is stuck between his two most recent loves and Scooter’s evilness starts showing when he eventually admits Fillmore’s plan to take over Bluebell and demolish the town square. Eventually, George and the girls head back to his house boat where the girls realize they actually get along. Until Lynly wakes up from her alcohol induced nap to find Tansy and George sitting outside and Tansy admitting she probably shouldn’t have broken up with George as she rests her head on his shoulder. They don’t see her, but crazy eyes may be coming out! Despite this problem for George, Lemon’s plan for him worked…

A Plan for Brick

Lemon’s plan for Brick was to help him get Shelby out of his life because she was taking it over. Her plan was to have Brick help Shelby find a new director for her cabaret that would be awful because it would tank her night club and she’d have to leave. (Honestly, wouldn’t she then have to stay because she has nothing? Lemon was off her game with this one…) Since Zoe had just been having a fight with Joel over her creativity level, she volunteers to do it and put on the cabaret she did in the hospital…. about cellular biology. Brick is very happy about it! When Joel discovers from Cricket that Zoe directing the play is about her inevitably ruining it, he tries to tell her, but Zoe is a bit… of a pain in the ass, so he doesn’t at first. However he does the next morning (because if we’ve learned nothing, it’s that Joel is ultimately a good guy), and when everyone finds out that the fate of Bluebell rests on this cabaret, they have Joel take over.

Problem is, the cabaret they were doing before Zoe came along was really short and just mostly a lot of costume changes, so Joel doesn’t have much to work with. Plus, Brick admitted to Shelby that he was trying to get rid of her, and she faints and winds up on bed rest. But Brick decides that he does love Shelby and even if she steamrolls him he wants her to stick around, but they can’t tell Lemon, of course! He even has her rolled on a hospital bed into the cabaret for a big closing number because, hello, Laura Bell Bundy is a big Broadway star – we weren’t going to do this thing without getting a song from her, right? Marian loved it and is going to tell her brother to come see how charming Bluebell is! Phase One of Save Bluebell, complete!


Oh…. and Wade thought Vivian was breaking up with him, but really she is just a mom who is tired and doesn’t want to go out on dates that START at 9:30pm on a school night. As a mom… I’m feeling ya, Viv!

The ep was cute, especially Zoe giving Joel a private show of her e coli number to the tune of Big Spender. But it was a lot of work for very little movement. Eh… that’s what you get with 22 ep seasons of shows like this. It really just made me miss Lemon. Counting the days until she returns!

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