It’s Health and Wellness Month in Bluebell this week on Hart of Dixie. So it’s time for Zumba in the square and gluten free pancakes with agave syrup in the Rammer Jammer.

Hey look! Lemon!

Hey look! Lemon!

And a bake sale? Oh Bluebell…. never change.

Along with Bluebell trying to lose weight, Annabeth, Zoe, and Joel have their own issues.

But does this farm have Alpacas?

In the quickest story of the night, we have Lavon, George, Tom, and Wanda. Tom asks George to work on getting Lavon to allow his exotic animal permit to be passed. Tom wants to buy farm land for Wanda and put Alpacas on it. George doesn’t want to because of the whole Lynly thing. But he does for Tom. Lavon says no to the permit very firmly. Later, when George confronts Lavon, thinking he is just mad about Lynly, Lavon admits Wanda made Lavon say no because she doesn’t like Alpacas. The four get together and Wanda admits that to Tom. AH, silly Bluebell.

Meanwhile, Lavon tells George he isn’t mad about the break up with Lynly. He gets it, and admits it was probably best for Tansy’s hair. HA! So George finds Tansy, kisses her, and says they should go out sometime. Way to be swoon-worthy, George Tucker.

Joel’s Real Man

After Tom read a draft of Joel’s book (because if you are looking for literary insight, you go to Tom), his general critique was “it’s fine, but the main character makes no sense.” Joel realized that he’s not exactly a real Southern Man. Of course he enlists Wade’s help in figuring out what that is, since Zoe wouldn’t let him take on fixing their new house on his own. (Oh yeah – they want to buy a house, but it’s a fixer-upper and the fixing-upping is going to cost a bunch.) Wade, always one to show off how great his blessed life as a flirt is, agrees.

Wade shows all the wonders of his world – free stuff and lack of caring about things, from what I can tell – and then leaves Joel on his own behind the bar at the Rammer Jammer while Wade goes to have some sexy time with Vivian. Of course in that time, Joel manages to upset some town hillbilly, Little Zack, who is very scary and has plans to fight Joel the next day. Wade is a bit freaked out for Joel, because there is no way it will turn out good. Wade goes to the fight for Joel to tell them Joel’s not coming. But Joel shows, to take the chance…. it doesn’t go well. Ah, Joel, you adorable four eyes. He is so proud!

Getting Fit With Bluebell (and Cake)

Zoe’s started this Health and Wellness month for Blubell, and even has a goal weight loss for the town. When she realizes she needs more money for the house, she asks Brick to make her partner again. He doesn’t want to because having her as an associate means he makes more money and can boss her around. It’s easy to understand his argument against making her partner. Zoe steamrolls Brick, who, to be fair, tries to stop her, and makes a bet that if the town loses their weight loss goal, she will be partner again. If not, she stays an associate and has to work weekends the next 6 months. What Zoe didn’t know, but soon found out, was that Cricket moved up the Belle’s Cake Sale right into the middle of Health & Wellness. Mmmmmm. Cake.

When Zoe confronts Cricket about the cake, she doesn’t have an answer, because this is Belle business and Zoe is really not a Belle. Of course all it takes is too many shots of tequila for Cricket to spill… she spent all the Belle’s money trying to impress those obnoxious ladies, so she needs the money from the Cake Sale – their biggest money maker – to pay the dues or the Belles are dunzo. Zoe, being the wonderful girl she is, gives up on the bet entirely, and helps Cricket with the cake sale.

Always a Bridesmaid

One of AB’s obnoxious friends is getting married. Seriously, why does she have these people as friends? Anyway, AB’s a bridesmaid and got roped into throwing the bachelorette party. Although everyone keeps giving her the headtilt and “awww” look because they know that her and Lavon on not quite on the path to marriage yet. But AB is full steam ahead and acting liking everything is okay.

Making a last minute bachelorette party happy is difficult to do, especially find quality male strippers. Instead she gets Tom and Meatball. The ladies loved it thought because… sure why not. The alcohol was free flowing (you remember Cricket spilled the beans about the Belles), and after quite a few AB admits to Zoe that even though she tells everyone including Lavon she is happy waiting, she isn’t. She is frustrated because right now Lavon has all the power and she’s just waiting for him to change his mind about marrying her.

In the morning, Lavon comes to AB’s hangover rescue with coffee and greasy food. But she is not in the mood for that. She tells Lavon that she is willing to wait for marriage. She is fine with that. But she new almost immediately that he was the love of her life, and she wants to know if she is the love of his. Lavon’s answer is merely that he loves her very much. It’s  not enough, and AB walks out. Saaad.

And that’s that. Next week: Zoe’s birthday! Mom’s in town!

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