Tonight’s episode of Hart of Dixie, “One More Last Chances” was full of amphibians, hair mishaps and breakups. Do you know what would make a really crazy episode of this show? One where everyone acted normal.

Wade (Wilson Bethel), Zoe (Rachel Bilson), and Joel (Josh Cooke).

Wade (Wilson Bethel), Zoe (Rachel Bilson), and Joel (Josh Cooke).

I love this picture. The look they all have – one of utter confusion – just cracks me up. Like they just aren’t quite sure what to do with the others.

When the chips are down, you’ve gotta love how the town of Bluebell is always all in to fix things up. Every time. Always. They are like a creepy hive mind. Wait, I’m talking myself out of enjoying that aspect of the show. Let’s get to the recap.

Alabama Burning

Oh Lynly. Lynly you crazy-eyed girl. After last week, her jealousy of George and Tansy remained at an all-time high. Unfortunately, Tansy didn’t know that because if she did she probably wouldn’t have let the girl near her beautiful blonde hair with a curling iron. But she did allow it. And in return, Lynly burned off a piece of her hair. She told George it was an accident, but Tansy wasn’t buying it. Later when Tansy tells George Lynly claimed the burning smell was popcorn, George realized she did it on purpose, as those are two distinctly different smells.

So our first break-up of the evening was Lynly and George. It’s not like we didn’t see this coming. What I did like is that Lynly took responsibility for what she did, apologized to George and they parted ways as friendly as possible. This leaves George free to get back with a now-also-single Tansy. But what is Lavon going to say when he finds out?

Wilkes Family Drama

Zoe and Joel have a problem – they still need to find a real place to live. The house they want, Zoe’s aunt’s house, isn’t available because the Aunt hates New Yorkers. Wade and Vivian have a problem – they are having trouble finding time to be intimate and get closer because Vivian’s son, Harley, hates Wade. As does his salamander, apparently. So these two decide to help each other out after Zoe and Joel’s attempt to babysit Harley to give the other couple time alone leads to Harley breaking all four couples up for the night – Joel and Zoe were reduced to fighting and Wade and Vivian’s sexy time was cut very short.

Wade is a favorite of the aunt, and Harley still likes Zoe well enough, so the two agree that they will talk each other up to their respective nemesis at the Aunt’s crab boil to work things out. At first both Harley and the Aunt aren’t having it, but Zoe and Wade understand what it’s like to hate, and then eventually love, the other so they make a quick turn around in both their cases! Problem solved, right? Nope. While bonding with Harley by making an amazing fort out of the lawn furniture (was no one going to sit there?), Wade accidentally loses the salamander. When Harley finds out, Zoe does Wade a solid and throws herself under the bus claiming she lost it, which means her Aunt hates her again and she doesn’t get the house she wants.

Wade admits to Harley that he lost the salamander (after Zoe and Vivian replace it with one the kid immediately recognizes as not his salamander), so he’s back in the dog house with the kid. However, he and Vivian are on really solid ground. So are Zoe and Joel who decide they aren’t going to rent one of the crap places, they are going to buy a house together. (Keep it together Zoe and Wade fans. I have a feeling about where this is going.)

The Toilet that Saved Blubell

Last week we found out that the Lieutenant Governor was going to visit Blubell, and Lavon’s discovered that if he declares Bluebell a historical landmark (or something… can an entire town be declared that?), the merger with Fillmore would have to be denied. As you can imagine, the attempt to make this happen is taken to the millionth degree with small events being planned and rehearsed ad naseum until the Lt. Gov gets there. Lavon is at his wits end and the Belles are in full force.

Of course it continues to go poorly because the people of Bluebell are completely and utterly insane. But then, when it seemed all hope was lost, Tom came in to tell about his historical indoor toilet that Andrew Jackson carved his name into. Lavon was HORRIFIED. The Lt. Governor was intrigued! Historical status approved. Except…

Turns out that this handsome young Lt. Governor already had a Bluebell connection. Two, actually. Shelby and the baby inside her that is the result of their one-night-stand 8 months ago. The Lt. Governor was in such shock he didn’t sign the papers and Lavon thought all hope was lost. But it was just the shock, he wasn’t mad at Bluebell. He signed the papers and everyone celebrated. Except poor, sweet Brick. Shelby broke up with him because her babydaddy offered to take care of her and the baby, and she thought that was best. I’m actually a little sad about this break up because they were funny together and I wanted Laura Bell Bundy to stick around and sing some more.


So that’s the episode. Do the Zade fans out there feel like their time is slipping away?

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