Sometimes Joel really seems to understand Zoe (everything becomes a shenanigan!) and sometimes he really doesn’t. This week on Hart of Dixie, it’s the latter when it comes to Zoe and birthdays.

Happy Birthday, Zoe Hart!

Happy Birthday, Zoe Hart!

She doesn’t like to celebrate. Joel…. doesn’t seem to care because he throws great birthday parties and he wants her to have one.

When Zoe’s mom unexpectedly comes to town (Joel didn’t invite her like the previews led you to believe), all those birthday plans get thrown off leading to this week’s Bluebell Shenanigans.

Scooter’s Eat, Pray, Love 

Scooter McGreavy is back and better than ever? After a walkabout in Bhutan he realized he had been a real jerk in the past and is now back in Alabama, ready to bring the love. And the hugs. All over George Tucker. Scooter’s even working for a law firm to help save the environment. When George and Tansy run into Scooter (protesting Foie Gras), Tansy is clearly moved by his changed personality. Seriously?

When Tansy thinks she owes it to Scooter to hear him out, George is understandably disappointed. And sends his new assistant, Tom (naturally… because he’s Bluebell’s Kirk at this point), to get the dirt. Tom found out that Scott isn’t at the environmental firm he said he was.  Of course, Tom didn’t get all the info, and as he was in the middle of confronting Scooter on a date with Tansy for being a liar, he turned out to be wrong and looked like an ass. Oh George. In a surprise to no one, Tansy breaks up with George the next day. And now George is down to zero ladies. Womp womp.


Breaking Up is Hard To Do

Annabeth and Lavon’s break up is hard for everyone. AB is especially having a hard time and realizes she needs some girl time to help distract her. Unfortunately, that means she goes to the Belles. And now that AB is back, the girls want her to take over for Cricket as leader because they have been less than happy with how that worked out.

Meanwhile, Lavon uses Zoe’s birthday party planning to cheer himself up. Where did he get all those personalized decorations last minute? Is he also crafty on top of his ability to cook? Is he the perfect man, despite his clear commitment issues? What is going on there? Anyway, Lavon creates a beautiful party that, of course, AB goes to, because she wants to support her friend. But while their, AB confronts Lavon and Lavon is left to ask his BFF Zoe why it is he seems to hurt those he loves.

Zoe tells Lavon that it isn’t his fault he didn’t propose to AB. That even if he loved her, if he wasn’t completely and utterly committed, if he had told her that he would marry her one day, it would have been worse. One may also think that Zoe could have been talking about herself and one of her suitors, but we’ll leave the psychoanalyzing for later. AB has ice cream on the park bench with Cricket where they renew their friendship and the next morning when the Belles vote Cricket out and AB in, Annabeth shows just how much that meant to her. She makes the Belles vote Cricket in as her co-leader. Well done, AB.


Don’t Tell Mom The Bio-Family is Here

When Zoe’s mom arrives, Zoe decides that the big ol’ birthday party that Joel planned has to be cancelled because she hasn’t told Mom about how close she has become with the Wilkes. Unfortunately, since Lavon used the party to get himself out of his funk, Joel doesn’t have the heart to cancel it. Meanwhile, Zoe shows her mom the house that is under construction (she and Joel are living in the Carriage House while they wait for the construction to be done) where she runs into Wade’s dad, Earl. Poor Earl thinks that Zoe is still with Wade and gets very upset when he finds out that they broke up. But Zoe doesn’t have time to deal with that weirdness because she is too busy scheming how to juggle both dinner with her mom and Joel’s party for her birthday.

The plan: while on the dinner with mom and Joel, she’ll get “called away on a medical emergency” and go to the party. And there will be some switching back as well so she can have cake and candles at both celebrations. Do the details matter? Not really, because you know she is going to mess it up. It starts off fine. Zoe gets the call, mom understands and agrees to go off with Joel. Joel acts a bit like a weirdo because he can’t lie well. And when the patient Zoe was supposed to be helping turns out to be in the restaurant, mom figures out it’s just another one of her daughter’s silly games.

Meanwhile at the party, Crazy Earl shows up drunk (duh) and yells at Wade and Zoe for making a big mistake by breaking up. Earl speaks for me. Anyway, with Zoe’s help, Wade ushers Earl out before Vivian can see him. He hasn’t reached the “my dad is the crazy town drunk” portion of that relationship yet. Eventually, mom convinces Joel to bring her to the party, and she gets along smashingly with the Wilkes because that family is delightful.

The next morning Wade finally brings Vivian to meet Earl and he’s sober and very nice to her. But we all know drunk Earl speaks his real truth. Meanwhile, Zoe has breakfast with her mom where she drops a heck of a bomb shell on her daughter… she’s moving to Bluebell! Oh mama.

It’s going to be a long while til we have Hart of Dixie back on our TVs. It’s on hiatus until Friday, March 21! That’s right. Friday! But when it comes back… Lemon Returns! Woo!

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