Love triangles, mercifully not involving Zoe Hart,  cabarets, and town mergers were the focus of this week’s Hart of Dixie episode, “Star of the Show.”

One of Bluebell's love geometry mixes.

One of Bluebell’s love geometry mixes.

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Nothing like the combination of jealousy and hatred of the neighoring town bring out some great quotes! Here are some of my favorite’s from Star of the Show.


Tansy has some strong feelings about Lynly…

Tansy: She’s got the crazy eyes!


That awkward moment when you are suddenly on a double date with your current boyfriend and your ex-boyfriend…

Lynly: Great! A double date! How great does that sound?

Tansy: Wait we’re doing wuh…??


Lavon and Lemon may have moved past their affair, but that doesn’t mean he wants her skyped into his kitchen…

Lavon: If I get dressed will you shut the computer?


That cellular biology cabaret got intense, y’all…

Zoe: You have the saddest song in the play. It’s called there’s not tosis like aptosis, which is cell death.
Wanda: That is sad.
Tom: Why do they die?
Zoe: It’s one of the mysteries of cells.
Shula: That’s messed up!


Annabeth making note of Zoe’s bit of flair….

Annabeth: If I had a dollar for every dramatic entrance…


Wade Kinsella is alllll class…

Wade: That’s theatre with an “re” at the end because I’m classy like that.


Way to keep it civil guys…

Scooter: Apology not accepted from either of you!

George: I didn’t apologize!


Guys. It’s Lemon. Come on. She’ll know.

Brick (to Shelby): We can never tell Lemon!


What were your favorite quotes?

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