Despite my slight breakdown over love triangles, it was really great to have Hart of Dixie back on TV this week.

Wilson Bethel as Wade, Rachel Bilson as Zoe, and Lauren Bittner as Vivian

Wilson Bethel as Wade, Rachel Bilson as Zoe, and Lauren Bittner as Vivian

And not just because I missed all the pretty faces. They are pretty funny in Bluebell too.

Here are some of my favorite lines from this past episode, “Something to Talk About.”


Lavon sure hasn’t lost any of his sassy bossiness over the hiatus…

Lavon: Good news. George Tucker is taking you out for breakfast this morning. You’re welcome.


I assume all Bluebell legal matters involve random movie shout outs like this one…

George: Is he serious?

Scooter: Serious as a Liam Neeson movie.


Tansy is a feminist…

Tansy: I don’t like Hawaiian parties. The costumes are so demeaning.


Intern Journalist Rose was completely adorable…

Annabeth: Maybe he doesn’t like the press

Rose: Nobody likes the press until they need us. That’s why they call us the fourth estate.

Dash: That is completely incorrect.


At least she was worried about the Bluebell/Fillmore merger for the right reasons…

Zoe: We will not spend the rest of our lives with the return address of Bluemore.


I’m not entirely sure when Wade became the voice of reason, but I love it…

Wade: What, Lemon is out of town and you are filling the shenanigan vacuum?


Keeping it honest…

Annabeth: We are not making out over here for the fun of it.

Joel: Well maybe a little.


Classic Lavon…

Lavon: No, no, no, no, noooo. No. Can’t speak.


More Wade wisdom…

Wade: Everyone loves a fake relationship until you become the dude sleeping on another dudes couch.


Who else stood up to cheer after this one? High five, Wade!

Wade: How long do you plan on punishing me? Because the last time I checked you were the one that walked away.


Brick’s take on Shelby is perfect…

Brick: This isn’t my life. These are just the things that happen when Shelby is around. The universe bends to her will.


This was said the moment I took a sip of wine while watching the episode. *clink*

Rose: All the best journalists drink.


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