This week on Hart of Dixie we got a lot more of the ever-growing bromance between Wade and Joel. Wade’s friendship with Joel and his relationship with Zoe’s cousin is really going to blow up in everyone’s faces eventually, isn’t it?

Boys Round Here


You know who will give Zoe a hard time about it when it does? That guy, right there.

Anyway, a good portion of the fun quotes this week came from Joel and Wade. But there was fun from everyone. Check out my favorite lines…


Joel really knows how to make Zoe feel good about her career choices….

Joel: What is brick paying you to be partner, again? Two goats a month?


Oh, these two…

Joel: You are a very manly man.

Wade: And you are a very creepy one.

Not a quote, but this sign up at the Butterstick during Health & Wellness month is perfection:

Try our smoothies. Now lard free.


Joel learns just how charmed Wade’s life is…

Joel: Your postal carrier personally picks ups and packs your packages?

Wade: Yeah. How do you mail yours?

Joel:I go to the post office.

Wade:They still have those?


Lavon has some critiques about the health-food alternatives…

Lavon: You hovering is hampering my enjoyment of this cardboard.


We all know Wade’s been a bit of a manwhore…

Joel: Have you slept with every women we’ve met today?

Wade: Not all of them….. most.



Guy at Rammer Jammer: The Sopranos has been off the air for years! You can’t call it spoiler.


Annabeth has some amazing phone skills….

Annabeth: I will come down there and shove one of those banana hammocks right up your… What?… No you’re uncalled for!


Breaking the hearts of women everywhere who were hoping for Stripper Lavon…

Lavon: I say no to the pole


It’s not that Zoe isn’t acknowledging AB’s having a bad day, she’s just prioritizing…

Zoe: Before we address your mental breakdown….


Wildlife talk, Bluebell style…

Lavon: Alpacas are dangerous.

George: Lavon, you have a damn alligator.
Wade’s attempt at a pep talk….

Wade: You’re a smart dude. You’ve got a great girl. A great career. I should probably follow you around…. I’m kidding.


That last one really seemed to bum people out. I’ll be back soon to talk about the state of Wade and Zoe.

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