Listen, I know I always start these Hart of Dixie quotes articles with the thought that there were a lot of great lines or whatever in that week’s episode. I mean, how else would I start this thing?

This kid talks to salamanders.

This kid talks to salamanders.

But for real, I mean it this time. I genuinely laughed at quite a few of these. I “LOL’d” if you will. And I understand if you won’t.

Here’s just a smattering of quotes from Hart of Dixie’s, “One More Last Chance.” Enjoy.
Harley, Vivian’s kid, has a salamander. He talks to it. The salamander DOES NOT like Wade and, in fact, has made some pretty serious threats….

Wade: That is a very articulate salamander


Lavon does not appreciate Joel’s literary liberties in discussing the actual historicalness of his historical novel…

Lavon: Are you trying to kill me Joel??


In case it wasn’t clear that Joel knows Zoe very well….

Joel: I’m about to hear a long cuckoo plan, right?


This isn’t to say that Lavon didn’t care about George and Lynly’s issues. He just didn’t care about them TODAY….

Lavon: Call her. Apologize. Fate of Bluebell.


I don’t think Cricket entirely understood the purpose of all the hullabaloo surrounding the arrival of the Lieutenant Governor…

Cricket: Everyone! Smiles on! The lieutenant governor is here. And he’s very handsome.


Hurtful, but true…

Lavon: I need everything to go smoothly today, so you leaving with Wade and Joel… not a problem!


True talk – my love for Joel went up a lot when he made this reference…

Joel: Can we go to one family event without some Jane Austen-like social manipulation plan.


At the same time, I also found Wade’s stupidity endearing. Basically I enjoy smart people, but I’m also incredibly shallow…

Wade: Jane Austen… her name sounds familiar. Did I sleep with her?


Doing pregnancy right…

Shelby: I just need someone to get me donuts.


A familiar tale of love, romance, and booze…

Shelby: I am carrying the child we made together with the help of our friends, vodka and tequila.


Guys, I’m really going to miss her…

Shelby: You are simply the best, Brick Breeland.


And lastly, If I could quote Annabeth’s face when Shelby told her that the Lieutenant Governor is her baby daddy. I would. But I’m not the one who does the photo recaps. Ah well…


What were your favorite lines in last night’s episode of Hart of Dixie?





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