Zoe’s birthday on its own is sure to cause some shenanigans on Hart of Dixie. Adding in the arrival of Zoe’s mother just made it even better.



Check inside for some of the Zoe-Birthday-Quote fun.

The dynamic of Joel and Zoe’s mom was a lot of fun, so I’m not sad she’s sticking around at least a little while.


A little breakfast fun for Zoe…

Zoe: As much as I’d like to stay and watch my ex stick his tongue down my newly found cousin’s throat, I have to get to work.


Zoe’s mom, Candice, is helpful as always…

Candice: You can’t get away with not shaving.
Joel: Good note.


Zoe’s gotta secret….

Joel: You haven’t told her about the Wilkes.
Zoe: Yep.
Joel: Oy.
Zoe: Yep.


Crazy Earl is in denial about the relationship changes in Bluebell (aren’t we all?) and he is a bit confused on what a sister wife is….

Earl: How’s it going sister wife?

Zoe: Earl, you know Wade and I aren’t together anymore, right?

Candice: And that even if they were, it wouldn’t make me your sister wife.


Some father/son bonding…

Wade: Remember when you had those business cards printed up and it said ‘Crazy Earl’ right there in black and white?

Earl: That’s how people know me.

Wade: Exactly.


Haaaaa. True….

Joel: If judgement had a face, it would be your mother’s.


Why Candice isn’t happy with Joel…

Candice: I had a very happy summer in New York with my daughter. Even happier when she found a New York boyfriend. Yet somehow we wound up back here. I blame you.


When Earl spoke for so many viewers at home…

Earl: It’s a father’s duty to tell the truth. And the truth is you two made a big mistake letting each other go. A tragedy is what it is.


At least she understands her daughter!

Candice: I was really hoping this wasn’t another one of my daughter’s crazy schemes.


She may have been talking to Lavon, but she may have also been talking to herself…

Zoe: The biggest mistake of your life is marrying or proposing to someone you aren’t 110% sure is the one.


And just because it made me giggle…

George: G. Tuck dropping truth hammers.

I’ll try to give you some good Hart of Dixie goodies while we are on hiatus! But don’t forget Hart of Dixie is back on The CW at 8pm Friday, March 21!


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