american military spouses choir

American Military Spouses Choir.
Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/NBC.

The contestants competing in the semifinals on Tuesday night’s episode of America’s Got Talent were by most accounts, the best crop of performers to be seen together in one show so far this season. Here are my thoughts on who will advance to the finals on America’s Got Talent Season 8.

D’Angelo and Amanda. This young ballroom dance team has talent and style well above any 13 yr. old or 30 yr. old that I’ve ever seen. D’Angelo is the better dancer, in my opinion, but Amanda makes for the perfect  vehicle for him to show his talent. I know that sounded mean, but it wasn’t meant to be.  Simply put, he has better technical dance skills and executes more actual dance moves than she does in their routines.   Tuesday’s dance to “Smooth Criminal”, even being partly in the water was not nearly as visually exciting as their last performance, but I predict it will be enough to vote them on to the finals.

Chicago Boyz. Even though they were down one member due to an injury, they were more than capable of delivering an exciting performance. Patrick’s absence did not go unnoticed however, and even though they did an excellent job, it wasn’t until he was absent that I realized just how much he contributes to the group.  To me, there was a certain something usually present in their performances that was missing last night.  These young men have established a large fan base on social media and among voters so I think they’ll go through easily to the finals.

Kenichi Ebina. Even though Tuesday’s semifinal performance was much smaller in scope than his previous interactive video game, it was ultimately better. The smaller set up allowed us to really focus on his amazing ability to synchronize his movements perfectly and show off more of his dance skills. Kenichi has been called “brilliant” and a “genius” by the judges and rightfully so. He not only has the ability to think through and plan for  every tiny aspect of his performance, he also clearly had a plan for what would happen after his allotted time of 90 seconds ran out. He very effectively managed to squeeze another 2 1/2 minutes of performance time out of AGT by continuing to run the video of himself doing dance moves and interacting with the audience, keeping their attention focused on his talents.  Knowing how negative comments from the judges can affect voters, perhaps it was a fail safe to be used to redirect the audience’s attention back to him in case he received any criticisms. It is possible, isn’t it?   He gestured towards it a few times while the judges made their comments just to make sure it was being noticed, I guess. I’d say that was quite brilliant. That little piece of deviousness aside, his talents are undeniable and I would be very surprised if he didn’t make it into the finals.

What do you think of Kenichi Ebina’s semifinal performance in the video below.

The KriStef Brothers. Their semifinal performance was a little more comedy and a little less athleticism and balancing, possibly due to Kristopher’s injury last week. It was difficult to tell if their intro clip was making light of the injury or trying to convey that they were making the best of a bad situation.   The stunts they did perform were few but fabulous. They incorporated sword swallowing this time which came as a surprise. I think everyone watching guessed that they were using collapsible swords although Stefan said his was real. They are so popular among the viewers at this stage that I don’t think they’ll have any trouble being voted into the finals.

Jimmy Rose. If there has to be a country singer in the finals, I have to go with Jimmy over Marty Brown. The fact that Marty made it past the quarterfinals with that absurd performance doesn’t sit well.  Jimmy seems more genuine somehow and his voice is much more reliable. Hopefully, the viewer’s who voted for Marty’s sappy overly-emotional nonsense will see sense and vote for the singer with more potential, who in my opinion, is Jimmy Rose.

The sixth spot is a three way tie for me:
American Military Spouses Choir are a notch above average as singers really, but America’s patriotism is a force to be reckoned with and may be enough to push them easily into the finals.
Timber Brown is an awesome talent, but he kind of screwed up this last time. He should have stuck with what got him this far. If voters take into account his past performances, he just might make it.
Branden James is pretty much in the same situation as Timber. He has an amazing voice, plus he’s got the cute factor going for him, but he made a poor song choice last night.

Who are your choices for the final 6? Let us know what you’re thinking in the comments section below.

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