Kenichi Ebina. Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/NBC.

Kenichi Ebina. Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/NBC.

Kenichi Ebina is possibly the most unique performer on America’s Got Talent Season 8.  In his much talked about interactive video game performance, he set the bar so high for himself  it was hard to imagine how he would top it in the semifinals.   In his intro package before his semifinal performance tonight, he acknowledged this, as he was asked about it by his growing legion of fans, and said “instead of going bigger and better, go smaller but still good.”  That was a very wise decision as it turned out.

Tonight’s performance featured Kenichi interacting in various ways with a pre-recorded image of himself projected on a video screen behind him.  It involved dance, illusion, mime and the incredible precision that has distinguished him from all the other precision reliant acts so far this season.  The forethought and attention to detail he showed in syncing his movements up perfectly with the video was nothing short of astounding.

The act was clever, humorous and hugely entertaining.  It was brilliant and flawless which is just what we’ve come to expect from him.

He earned a standing ovation from all 4 judges and the audience.  I was tempted to stand and applaud as well.  Am I gushing? I can’t help myself.  It’s his attention to detail that no other act this season has come close to matching, that impresses me so much about this guy.

Take a look at Kenichi Ebina’s semifinal performance in the video below.

Howie Mandel said “You are a comedian, dancer, mime, artist, writer. You’re the man. You should win a million dollars!”

Howard Stern said “I must applaud you.  There’s nothing I could say to you that could improve that performance.”  He also credited him with contributing to the level of talent this season, which Howard said has never been so high in the semifinals.

Heidi Klum called him a “genius” several times.  Mel B said “it’s just mind blowing. I want to see this show in Vegas.”

Throughout the judge’s remarks an image of Kenichi was still going strong on the video screen behind he and Nick Cannon.  It only added to the overall charm of the act.  He achieved exactly what he said he was trying for “smaller but still good.”  He said that even though he has control over the technical aspects of his act, he was still nervous before his performance.

Kenichi’s act may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but you can’t fault his imagination and technical brilliance.   If he could come up with an hour-long act filled with this kind of thing,  I can easily see him being wildly successful in Las Vegas.

What did you think of Kenichi Ebina’s performance?  Does he deserve to go all the way to the finals and possibly take the title this season?  Let us know in the comment section below.


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