America's Got Talent 2013
On week 5 of the America’s Got Talent auditions, Kelsey and Bailey, dance partners and best friends, performed their dance routine to “We Go Together”, a song tailor-made for the pair who definitely go together like rama lama ding dong.  They’ve been dancing together since Bailey, a happy go lucky 3 yr. old, was just 10 weeks old  (insert shout-out to Bailey’s stylist here)   The two obviously have a lot of love for each other which judge, Heidi Klum pointed out.  “He likes doing this and he didn’t mess up once”.

Howard Stern, who has a fondness for dog acts, thought it was incredible that Kelsey was actually dancing with the dog.   He also said “the dog dances better than the Spice Girls”.  Mel B replied, “You are gonna get it” and Howard responded that “He couldn’t wait”.   Howie Mandel said “I think America’s going to love you”.   We’ll definitely be seeing what else Kelsey and Bailey can do in Las Vegas.

Watch the video of their performance below and tell us what you think of their act and do they have what it takes to make it all the way to Radio City Music Hall?

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