Welcome to the America’s Got Talent season 8 premiere! Wasting no time, Nick Cannon opens the show up with a dance number set to James Brown’s “Living in America.” We are then briefly introduced to the the judges, including new judges Heidi Klum and Mel B.

After the opening, we get a shot of each audition city, Cannon tells the audience at home that due to AGT adding one more judge, each act needs three yeses to move to the next round. Also, we are informed that the live show will now be at Radio City Music Hall in New York City.

Stern, Klum, Mel B, and Mandel in season 8 of America's Got Talent.

Stern, Klum, Mel B, and Mandel in season 8 of America’s Got Talent.

Now, onto the show! Starting the auditions in San Antonio, we meet David “The Cobra Kid” Weathers, a snake handler.
Weathers introduces himself as a snake wrangler and tells us he has been bitten three times and all three times almost died. I don’t know, that might make me quit and try a new hobby. The non-cobras having Weathers pulled a live, angry rattlesnake out of a box and proceeded to blow up a balloon. He put the blown up balloon in his mouth and the snake struck and popped it. It was insane. The audience loved it and the dangerous aspect really helped.  All four judges loved the act and Stern called him a lunatic, with Mel B calling the act terrifying. A very good, very scary way to start the show.

Marty Brown, Carpenter from Franklin, Kentucky
“If you don’t have dreams, what are you here for?”” If [the judges] don’t like me, blame my wife!” Armed with just a guitar, Marty sings Bob Dylan’s “Make You Feel My Love.” What a surprising voice, you guys. Here’s this goofy, middle aged, charismatic guy with a surprisingly beautiful voice. Before the performance, while he was talking, Mel B sort of had this look that said “already unimpressed” but the second he opened his mouth her whole expression changed. He had the audience entranced, and all the judges really liked him; Klum called him “amazing” while Mandel told everyone to not judge a book by its cover. I couldn’t tell who was more excited, Marty or his lovely wife. So adorable. All four judges vote yes.

Moving the auditions to New York City, we meet Miu, a dancer, who is apparently the Japanese Lady Gaga. Twenty seconds into the audition Stern, Mel B and Heidi hit their buzzers, while Mandel laughed and let her finish. After her pretty terrible performance, three of the four judges vote no, with only Mandel voting yes. But I don’t think he genuinely enjoyed the performance, but was more amused by it.

Next, a guy tries to contact every muscle in his body and Mel B hits her buzzer before the audition even started. Then, a guy dressed like an alien sang and tried to yodel, with all four judges hitting their buzzers. More funky costumes and bad acts, and more giant red Xs mark the stage.

After the montage of bad performances, we meet Catapult, an Illusion and body magic group. Using shadows and a screen, the troupe does an inspired performance which the audience and judges really enjoyed. The act was unique and original and surprisingly uplifting. All of the judges liked it and Mel B called it inspiring and sexy, while Stern bowed down to Catapult and said “everything we are looking for is on the stage.” He’s not wrong, for sure.

Following Catapult, we get a dance trio known as Hype. They sort of looked like misfits out of the play Newsies, but they were incredibly charismatic. They claimed to have come up with the performance overnight, but whether that’s true or not, we’ll never know since they charmed the judges regardless. Again, all four judges liked them, and the only criticism they trio received was to spend more than two days planning choreography.

We then get another montage of some pretty decent and entertaining acts, all of which proceed through to the next round.


As we start hour two, we meet Chuck from the Bronx. Chuck eats three raw eggs – including shells, snorts some salt, takes a shot of tequila and squirts lime in his eyes. He then sits in a bathtub full of ice while eating the hottest pepper in the world. Why? No idea. But Mandel called the act “innovative” while the other three judges hit their buzzers during the act. To prove the act was real, Mandel took a tiny bite of the pepper and freaked out, chugging milk in the process. With tears in his eyes – either from disappointment or the pepper – Chuck sulked off stage while Mandel tried to calm down.

After the weird eating challenge, we see another montage, this time of young performers. Next, we meet ten-year-old Anna Christine, who impressed the judges with her singing and piano act. What a voice. She definitely did not sound like any ten-year-old I’ve ever heard, that’s for sure. Such a wonderfully mature and haunting voice hidden in such a tiny body. All four judges were stunned and floored, and Anna Christine easily gets four yeses.

Following Anna Christine, we meet Three Penny Chorus and Orchestra, who perform a rousing original rendition of “Call Me Maybe.” Mixed with vocals and a full orchestra, the performance is very unique and you can tell everyone involved had a blast. The audience and judges were really into it, and Mel B loved it “to the moon and back.” Mandel loved that instead of choral music, they chose a pop tune, which really uplifted the act. One of my favorite acts of the night, for sure. The group gets through with all four judges voting yes.

After a commercial break, we see a crew set the stage and the auditorium fill with people. We then briefly hear the Pacific Boys Choir perform and all four judges say yes. Next, we hear some backstage ask about someone named “Special Head.” I know, right?! He’s a weird-seeming guy who goes missing and then talks about his chakras; he’s totally zen I guess. He’s a street performer and his act was really just him making weird noises and making odd faces. Stern immediately hits his buzzer when all of the sudden Special Head starts levitating off the ground. Like, he just starts floating and we don’t know how he did it! Crazy! All the judges and the audience were incredibly surprised, and Mel B called the act “out of this world.” Absolutely insane. Oh, and all four judges vote yes, with Stern immediately regretting his his X and taking it back.

Before the show ends, we meet Angela Hoover  a stand-up comedian who gets her own special segment. She tells us she was an aspiring comic who had to give it up to raise her kids. The act takes a bit to take off, but once she busts out the Kristen Chenoweth impression she’s in her element. She won the crowd over and charmed the judges with all four judges saying yes. Mel B thanked her for being funny and a woman, (because she’s “all about girl power, baby!”) while Mandel thought she was a perfect impressionist.

After several bad acts, and I mean VERY bad acts, we are introduced to Anthony “Tone the Chiefrocca“, who performed an original song. Claiming he “shuts the house down,” he wants to become a one hit wonder, and he thinks he has that song with “Booty.” The song is mostly him singing “B-double O-T-Y” over and over, and it’s really not bad. I mean, it’s not great, either. It was more hilarious than good, but it seemed to work for the judges, as all four amazingly say yes. “I don’t think you have another hit in you. You are a one hit wonder,” Stern tells “Tone.”

As the premiere ends, there’s no doubt that Tone set the tone for the night. His performance was a good one to end on.

Check this space as we show you videos of the best auditions of the premiere.

Which acts were your favorite? We’re you surprised to see so few singers?

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