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America chose their final 6 tonight on America’s Got Talent and voters had to make some tough decisions, possibly the toughest so far on season 8. Last night the performances were all amazing, except for a couple of small missteps that really didn’t seem to mean much in the bigger picture. But, considering the results tonight, the little mistakes may have been the deciding factor for American voters. Two previous America’s Got Talent winners performed tonight. Ventriloquist, Terry Fator and The Olate Dogs.

Watch the video below of last season’s winner, The Olate Dogs.

The Chicago Boyz have been easily voted through round after round and it seemed a foregone conclusion that they would end up in the finals. Tonight they were pitted against Kenichi Ebina, an impossible choice to make. Last night the Chicago Boyz made a couple of small fumbles in their performance, but considering the bigger picture and the amazing performances they’ve given us all season, it didn’t seem like any big deal. But, I can’t imagine how else America chose between them. As I’ve said before, I think the group lost some of it’s pizzazz when Patrick was injured. He was a major contributor to their performances and his absence was noticeable. Kenichi is brilliant and has been wowing us with every performance and deserves to be in the finals without a doubt. He’s never made a mistake that I’ve noticed and that is what put him over the top. I just hope he goes back to the interactive type of performances he has been doing all along rather than focus on his dancing ability. That is what got him this far and that’s what could win the title for him.

Cami Bradley and Innovative Force was another hard choice to make. Cami has charmed everyone with her unique arrangements of iconic songs and there’s no doubt she has a great voice. Innovative Force has had some great moments as well. The judges have been a little more in favor of Cami with their comments. Howie compared the girls gymnastic troupe to cheerleaders, which was a little unfair. But, did it resonate with the viewers at home? Mel has been a huge proponent of Cami all season long. Innovative Force does do pretty much the same thing every time, but their act is well suited to a Vegas show. Cami has provided a little more variety, but essentially has a singular style. This choice may have come down to the influence of the judge’s opinions.

When the KriStef Brothers and Taylor Williamson stepped forward together, Howard Stern said “this means that America got something wrong.” “One of them is going home and that is just not right.” Why the heck did Taylor Williamson get voted through over the KriStef Brothers? I can’t come up with one good reason for this. To me, Taylor is annoyingly repetitive and not that funny. The only joke of his I laughed at this entire season was the one last night about the therapy bills going to his mother. On the other hand, the KriStef Brothers have pulled off not only amazing athletic feats, but imaginative and unique performances every time. The judges were visibly shocked by the result and rightfully so. I wonder how that reaction made Taylor feel, if he noticed. Like crap, I imagine. I can’t figure this one out at all. I just hope the Kristef Brothers find success somewhere else. Even though Howard’s mouth was hanging open, he still graciously told Taylor that he deserved to go through. Never underestimate the power of Twitter. “Taylords” rule, apparently.

Forte and Branden James was a no-brainer for a lot of people, but I don’t think that choice was an obvious one. Both acts have amazing ability. Forte stuck with traditional opera and Branden veered away from that since his original audition. I thought that was intentional on his part to distinguish himself from Forte, but it may have been a mistake as it turned out. Branden has a voice well suited to opera and I think he should have stuck with that. Forte has lured us in with their harmonies and stage presence, but do we really need another trio of tenors? Branden has a decent career going outside of America’s Got Talent and while I’m sure he’s disappointed, he’ll be okay. He’s performed for the Pope afterall.

Another big surprise was Jimmy Rose beating out D’Angelo & Amanda. Those kids are incredible dancers and never failed to entertain us. Like Kenichi, their performances were always flawless and there was never anything to criticize. Jimmy Rose started out the season, seemingly lacking in self-confidence, but he blossomed and got stronger with each performance. I guess the country demographic is bigger than the ballroom dancing one. Maybe if D’Angelo & Amanda chose a more exciting choreography last night, they would have pulled the votes, but despite their talent, the salsa they did was kind of run of the mill. I also don’t think many Americans would feel good about voting against a former Marine, so his military service could have helped endear him to the voters. That’s not meant to diminish his talent in any way, he has great potential and I’m sure he’ll be a star in the country genre one day.

Howard has said all along that he’d love a magician in the finals. Tonight he got his wish. Collins Key beat out Catapult for the last spot in the final 6. I believe Collins had a lot of support on social media, like Taylor Williamson and that can make all the difference, obviously. Catapult was not necessarily the better act, but I do think they are further along as far as being ready to headline a show in Vegas. Collins, as Howard pointed out last night, needs to speed up his tricks and not have so many moving parts to them. He’s a talented guy, but he needs to refine his act a little more. I hope he can come up with something truly amazing for the final to justify his making it through over Catapult.

Considering how many professionals were sprinkled in among the amateurs this season, I think the voters did a good job of allowing the true amateurs a chance to shine, which is what America’s Got Talent should be all about. It’s hard to believe that next week is the finale already. Let us know how you think America did choosing the final 6. Are you happy with the results or would you have made different choices? Let us know in the comments below.

See ya next week!

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