Coming off an incredible night last night, I have no idea what to expect tonight. Only six acts will advance to the finals and honestly it could be anyone. Nick Cannon tells us there is no judges pick tonight so the top six will be completely up to America. America has done well so far but this is a really tough decision.

Last year’s winners, Olate Dogs, perform after a recap of last night’s show. I really liked Olate Dogs last year so I was more than happy to see their return. They just make me so happy, guys. I can’t even image trying to train my two dogs to do anything more than sit and shake.

Chicago Boyz and Kenichi Ebina come forward for the first result of the night. The Chicago Boyz are going home because Kenichi takes the first spot. What a great bunch of guys the Boyz are, and so gracious as they leave the stage. Next up is Innovative Force and Cami Bradley with Cami Bradley taking the second spot. So many tears on stage as every member of Innovative Force surrounds Cami in a group hug.

kenichi ebina

Following commercials, season two winner Terry Fator graces the stage with his latest act. He was never my favorite, but he’s funny and charming and the audience loves him. KriStef Brothers and Taylor Williamson step forward to see who takes the third spot. Howard thinks both should be going through and is not happy that one will not. Taking that third spot is, surprisingly, and I mean very surprisingly, Taylor Williamson. One more time: Taylor Williamson beat The KriStef Brothers which is crazy. Wow. I so wish both of them could have gone through, though. But: congrats Taylor!

Forte and Branden James step up to vie for the fourth spot, with Forte moving on. Branden gives a passionate farewell and it’s just so sad seeing these very talented groups walk away. Four acts remain with only two spots available. Nick calls forward D’Angelo and Amanda and Jimmy Rose and, another surprise of the night, Jimmy takes the fifth spot. Wow. Was not expecting that at all.

Finally we are at the end: Catapult Entertainment and Collins Key step forward. After a way too long pause, Collins Key takes the last spot. And wow again. I’m so sad. More than anything I wanted Catapult to go through. They were fantastic last night. The judges looks stunned. I really hate that America’s Got Talent is more of a popularity contest than a talent show and while I believe all the acts were worthy, I don’t believe the six best went through.

No matter, we have one more week left. Those heading to the finals are, one more time: Kenichi Ebina, Cami Bradley, Forte, Taylor Williamson, Jimmy Rose and Collins Key.  At this point I’m rooting for Forte or Kenichi to win it all but as we can attest to after tonight it’s all up in the air. See you next week, all!

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