After last night’s truly amazing night, tonight’s results show is going to be a tough one. Any of last night’s acts deserve a spot in the quarterfinals, so I am waiting with bated breathe to see who America votes through.

Before the results, however, Fall Out Boy performs their single “My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark.” The audience is in no way reacting like they did last week with One Direction, but they seem to enjoy it.


American Military Spouses Choir, Branden James and Timber Brown are the first to step forward with Branden James taking the first spot. Heidi calls it well deserved and I would have to agree. His song last night wasn’t my favorite but he did a great job. Without wasting any time Nick calls forward Chicago Boyz and The KriStef Brothers. This one is tough, for sure, but both of them go through! Very nice! Howard is pleased and said “we need these two acts. These are some of the strongest, most unusual acts.” I’m so looking forward to the finals.

The 2011 America’s Got Talent third place finishers Team iLuminate give us a taste of their new off Broadway show. They do a really outstanding job but I was always impressed with them. Following commercials Nick calls to the stage Marty Brown and Jimmy Rose and thank goodness it’s Jimmy Rose. Mel tells Jimmy that he’s really come into his own and that he really deserves to be in the top twelve.

Leon and Romy, John Wing and Kenichi Ibina take the stage together. This one should be a no brainer, but who really knows any more. America once again chooses right by voting for Kenichi, and thankfully we get to watch Kenichi perform at least once more. The final two acts of the night are Anna Christine and D’Angelo and Amanda. Much like they paired the country singers together, they pair the youngest two acts together, which really shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. Like always, the vote goes to the judges. After much deliberation Heidi chooses D’Angelo and Amanda. Mel B also is conflicted but votes for Anna Christine. Howard points out how young both acts are and calls it a ridiculous choice, and after a brief hesitation picks Anna Christine. Howard calls it their own Sophie’s Choice and votes for D’Angelo and Amanda which results in a tie. Going to America’s vote, Nick tells us there’s only a half percent difference in votes, which is incredibly close. Ultimately the last spot of the night goes to D’Angelo and Amanda, and that finishes up the top twelve.

the kristef brothers

Next week the top twelve compete in the quarterfinals. Once again, we will see: Forte, Innovative Force, Taylor Williamson, Collins Key, Cami Bradley, Catapult Entertainment, Branden James, Chicago Boyz, The KriStef Brothers, Jimmy Rose, Kenichi Ibina and D’Angelo and Amanda. This is a very strong top 12 and I can’t wait until Tuesday.

Do you think the right acts went through tonight? After seeing the top 12, which act do you think is the strongest?

Photo Credit: Virginia Sherwood/NBC

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