In tonight’s America’s Got Talent results show, America votes four more acts through and last night there were several groups who had less than stellar performances. After a video recap of last night, as well as several clips of the judges commentary we didn’t see on-air last night, Nick Cannon tells us Brad Paisley and Robin Thicke will be performing live tonight. Not together, we assume.

After commercials, Nick talks to Marty, Tone and Alexandr about their performances last night and Alexandr basically confirms that he did indeed cut himself last night but he’s used to it. Nick Cannon them introduces Robin Thicke who performs “Blurred Lines,” a song I would be okay with never hearing again. Tonight he’s without Pharrell and T.I. so the arrangement is a little different but everyone seems pretty into it. The judges sure were into it. “You rocked Radio City Music Hall!” Nick says when the song was over.

robin thicke

Robin Thicke performing his hit “Blurred Lines.” Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/NBC.

Next, there’s a little video segment where Howie dresses up in disguise as an NBC tour guide. It’s amusing, but pointless. After, the first three groups get on stage: Innovative Force, Struck Boys and Aquanuts, with Innovative Force taking the first spot. Yay, way to go, America! Immediately, Nick calls Brad Byers, Kid The Wiz and Dave Shirley forward. They aren’t wasting any time here, guys. Surprisingly, none of them advance to the semi-finals. I thought Brad Byers might have, but nope, still three spots left.

I forgot to mention this little thing, but there was a Smurfs 2 tie in with all these Smurfs talking to Howie and then breaking into Nick’s dressing room. Basically it was just a way to justify showing a Smurfs 2 sneak peek clip. Before the movie clip, though, Brad Paisley takes the stage for the TV debut of his latest single “I Can’t Change The World.” If you’ve never heard it before it sounds like a Brad Paisley song…so, there ya go. It’s good, and I like that it’s totally different than “Blurred Lines.”

Following commecials, Marty Brown, Alexandr Magala and Ciana Pelekai step forward and Nick tells us that only one will go through. After some commentary from Mel, who is thankful she doesn’t have to decide, we find out that Marty Brown! (WHAT?!) makes it through to the semi-finals. Wow. Shocking. That really is shocking. Man. Both Alexandr and Ciana were both way better than Marty. Next, Forte, Angela Hoover and Tone step forward and with a long dramatic pause, Nick tells us that Forte moves on to the semi-finals. Ugh, finally, America!

marty brown

Surprisingly, Marty Brown moves into the semi-finals. Photo By: Virginia Sherwood/NBC.

Angela and Tone are still left and only one can move on. Just like last week, it’s up to the judges to decide. Heidi votes for Tone, Mel votes for Angela, Howie votes for Tone and Howard finishes up by voting for Angela, which, once again, leaves us at a tie. Since there’s a tie, the act with the most votes is Angela Hoover. Thank the good Lord I don’t have to listen to BOOTY again.

So, to recap the recap:
Innovative Force, Marty Brown, Forte and Angela Hoover are tonight’s semi-finalists. 3 out of 4 isn’t too bad I guess.

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