Last week’s America’s Got Talent was shortened to make room for The Voice finale. Tonight we return to the two-hour episode as auditions continue.

In week four, we start auditions in New York City. After a brief introduction of NYC, we meet a group of young hip hop dancers known as The Stuck Boyz. Dressed in military pants, the group of 8-11 year-old-boys immediately struck a chord with the crowd with their performance. Mel B and Howie loved them and love their commitment to the act. All four judges vote yes.

Struck Boyz. Photo courtesy Virginia Sherwood/NBC.

Struck Boyz. Photo courtesy Virginia Sherwood/NBC.

After commercials, we briefly watch a group of acrobatic dancers which the judges vote through. Next up we meet some step brothers who do handstands and stuff. They just want to revolutionize the hand balancing act, you guys. And, they are pretty good! They take off their shirts, much to Heidi Klum’s delight and do more funky hand balance things. And then….and then one of them takes off his pants for no reason whatsoever. It was a good act, I guess. Mel B was on the edge of her seat and Mandel called the act unique and creative. All four judges vote yes unsurprisingly.

For the first time all season, we finally meet a mime named Aneya Marie. But she’s not just any mime, she a SINGING mime. She’s very animated and sort of delusional. Immediately it’s clear that she’s just not good. All four judges hit their buzzers and it’s a great call. Aneya Marie doesn’t agree with them and calls herself “brilliant.” See what I mean about delusional? She further separates herself from the audience by questioning their intelligence. She’s very outspoken for a mime.

After a montage of a few bad acts – and I mean very bad acts – we are introduced to Brooklyn based dancers Hammerstep – where Irish dance meets hip hop. Wearing all black and gas masks covering their faces, they are certainly unique. They fused the two elements seamlessly and everything really worked. The audience loved them and the judges seemed impressed. “You were were weird and dark and mysterious” said Mel B. Heidi thought it was disturbing at first, but loved it. Howie loved the blending of the two dances and all four judges vote yes.

Next, we have two guys – also in gas masks – totally entertain and blow the crowd away with their crazy, weird, awesome routine. Immediately following we get a ballet dance troupe who also win over the judges and audience. Both groups go to Vegas. We meet an illusionist who is impressive and a put on a great show. He also goes to Vegas.

We are greeted with another montage, but this time full of good acts who all impress the judges. A brother and sister duo, nine and six respectively, come on stage next and they perform a crazy screamo song I am not familiar with at all. Is it an original? The little girl is super impressive though! They aren’t particularly good, and the judges have mixed feelings about the performance. #ZombieSkin is the hashtag of the night, apparently. Howie, Heidi and Howard vote yes and the youngsters advance to the next round.

The Virginia State University Gospel Chorale. Photo by Virginia Sherwood/NBC.

The Virginia State University Gospel Chorale. Photo by Virginia Sherwood/NBC.

Next up is the Virginia State University Gospel Chorale and they all look so happy and colorful with their cute sweaters on. Right off the bat the get the audience up on their feet as they sing a rousing song I am vaguely familiar with (I think). Howie and Stern loved it and can see how the act can be loved by America. Stern said they put excitement in the air and can make church fun. Mel B thinks they are bloody good and is happy they aren’t a traditional gospel choir. Four yeses! So much emotion on stage!

Soon, we meet Chris Antes who does a made up thing called “oralgami.” He sculpts pieces of gum using his mouth into crazy shapes. He chews up the gum and makes a dolphin and a snail? stand? I don’t know, I couldn’t really hear him. Either way, the judges aren’t impressed and Mel B calls it silly. All four judges vote no.

Two groups come on stage singing original songs. The first group didn’t wow the judges because their song was super lame. We are then treated to another brother sister group and since they get a special video segment, we automatically know they must be good. Also, they don’t have a sad story! I know! Brandon and Savannah, 15 and 13 respectively, perform a better song than the previous act. Plus, they are much more charismatic and comfortable on stage. They’ve got a nice sound and strong voices. Plus, their bassist has really long hair, so he fits right in! The crowd loves it and the judges smiled throughout. Heidi thinks they are awesome and Mel B didn’t particularly like the song, but loved their performance and voices. Howie, on the other hand, loved the song and all four judges say yes.

Thirty minutes before the show is set to end, we finally meet a stand-up comedian named Taylor who just wants to be liked. He’s desperate, y’all. He tells a sad story about being picked on as a child and making people laugh made them take a break from hurting him. [Cue “awwwwww” from the audience.] He’s charming and a little nerdy but somehow looks awkward and confident on stage. He connects with the audience and uses a type of observant comedy that is sure to please everyone. He makes the judges laugh and Mel B thought he was very funny and Heidi thought was shy and dorky and very funny. All four judges vote yes! Yay, nerdy guy!

Forte performs on the 8th season of America's Got Talent. Photo by Virginia Sherwood/NBC.

Forte performs on the 8th season of America’s Got Talent. Photo by Virginia Sherwood/NBC.

As the show begins to wrap up, Jacob, a professional party stuntman, EATS A SCORPION! It’s disgusting, and wait…never mind. He just keeps it in his mouth for a minute and then spits it out. It wasn’t exciting and was too weird for the judges. Four nos. Another magician comes on stage and uses humor and also gets four nos. Crazy doesn’t always work. More magicians, more nos. Naathan Phan comes out in a strait jacket and sings his way out. He doesn’t do that great and the audience and judges were very mixed. Sorry, Naathan, but it’s a no. The judges are torn so he does another trick to try to get the third yes. He does a card trick and it works, as all four judges vote yes. Surprisingly.

Finally, we are introduced to a trio of guys who have never performed together. They met three days ago — at the time of the audition — you guys. Their name is Forte and I’m so scared for them. They sing an opera classic I also don’t know and are pretty wonderful. Their harmonies, and voices and just everything is so good and so lovely. The judges are literally stunned and Howie and Heidi give them a standing ovation. They really brought it. All four judges were so surprised and shocked and can’t say anything other than ” I love it!” They had the element of surprise working in their favor, and all four judges say yes.

Check back this week as we bring you some videos of our favorite performances, and tune in next week for more auditions!





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