This is it. The America’s Got Talent Finale. Tonight’s the night America votes the 8th winner of America’s Got Talent. It’s been an incredibly thrilling season and I’m so glad I got to share it with all of you. I have no idea what to expect from tonight’s finale, but I really do think any act could win it.

The Radio City Rockettes are the first performers of the night (in an already stacked show). They perform a routine from their newest show. We’ve got Icona Pop, Luke Bryan, Gavin DeGraw, Josh Groban and a few more surprises ahead of us for the night. As always with shows like these we won’t get the results until the last five minutes, so I guess we’ll just go through this together. Also, let’s count how many promos of “The Blacklist” we get in a two hour span! Already have 1!

cami bradley

AGT finalist Cami Bradley and Gavin DeGraw perform. (Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/NBC.)

Icona Pop, one of my favorite new acts, perform their hits “I Love It” and “All Night” a song I am in love with. There’s some really great Swedish musicians making a splash over here and I am so enamored with them all. Check out Timo Raisanen, too!

Anyway, sorry for the segue. After Icona Pop there’s a recap of the judges over the season and it’s a nice little segment.

Next, Gavin DeGraw and Cami Bradley sing “Best I Ever Had,” Gavin’s latest single, and they are very good together. Cami was dynamic on stage and a side of her came out that we have not seen before. Very nice.

In one of the most interesting duests, Kenichi dances with Il Divo and special guest Heather Headley. They sing a nice version of “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” and Kenichi pretty much disappears once they all start singing. It’s quite lovely, but I wish Kenichi had more to do. [Insert obligatory shot of Simon Cowell in the audience.]

“The Blacklist” commercial count: 3

Tylor Williamson and James Lipton are our next “duet” of the night. It’s in the style of “Inside the Actor’s Studio” and it’s cute. He does the questionnaire thing he asks everyone who comes on his show.  I just love Lipton’s dry sense of humor. Taylor’s favorite curse word is “Dick Cheney” for what it’s worth.

After the “duet” there’s a well deserved segment about Nick Cannon who definitely doesn’t get enough credit for his hosting abilities.

The Blacklist commercial count: 4, I think. Probably. (Stepped away from the TV)

Collins is up next with Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb to perform a new trick. Poor Collins is so awkward on stage with these two and it’s sort of adorable. But also pretty cringe worthy.

The next duet is Forte and Josh Groban, which is a given, natural choice. They are all really good, obviously. I just really love Josh Groban and you can’t change my mind at all. He’s brilliant and beady eyed and just lovely.

No promos for The Blacklist this time! Still stuck at 4!

Jimmy Rose performs with Dierks Bentley who is a guy who also sings country music. I think that performance is the best Jimmy has sounded in the whole show.

Earth, Wind and Fire are up next! It’s a nice change with all the youth oriented groups the show has gotten this season. DANCING IN SEPTEMBER is what we are all doing at this very moment!


forte josh groban

AGT finalists Forte perform a duet with Josh Groban. (Photo by: Virginia Sherwood/NBC)

I really want to see Gravity. Just thought I would let you all know. There’s a PARENTHOOD promo and I immediately burst into tears. Tune in Thursday night, folks!

“The Blacklist” promos have so far been held at only 4.

Okay. Now to the serious part. Nick calls the final 6 to the stage for the first results. Sixth place goes to: Cami Bradley, surprisingly. I love you, Cami! Fith place belongs to: Collins Key. Ugh, this is so hard. His face, you guys. Still, great job, Collins. He’s only 17, too, so he’s got many more years ahead of him.

Back from commercials, Nick announces the next result: In fourth place is Forte. Wow. Are you serious? Wow. Jimmy might win this thing, you guys.

Before we get to another result, however, Luke Bryan has to sing for us all. I’m so out of the country music scene because I can’t name one single song Luke Bryan sings. I don’t understand music, maybe? Am I un-hip? He’s singing about a catfish dinner? Hilariously, there’s a group of guys in the front who are just sitting chill-like and not on their feet like the rest of Radio City Music Hall. Shut up. I thought it was funny.

We have another “The Blacklist” promo! 5!

Following commercials, we’re back at it. Third place goes to Jimmy Rose! I never thought he would go this far, so well done, sir.

Ten minutes left, only two acts remain. But first: commercials.

They sure know how to make this last as long as possible, huh? Nick finally tells us that America has voted and after an insanely long pause, the winner is KENICHI EBINA! Yay! I’m so happy. This was a really, really tough choice and I think America made the right one.

So, here are tonight’s results:

Sixth Place: Cami Bradley
Fifth Place: Collins Key
Fourth Place: Forte
Third Place: Jimmy Rose
Second Place: Taylor Williamson 
Winner: Kenichi Ebina

I’ve had so much fun recapping this show and thanks so much for sticking around while I rambled incoherently. Such fun. Do you think America made the right decision? Did you think the right act won? If not, who was your favorite?

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