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Surprisingly, Marty Brown moves into the semi-finals. Photo By: Virginia Sherwood/NBC.

Tonight’s America’s Got Talent Season 8 live results show revealed the next 4 acts moving on to the semi-final rounds.  Last night we saw 12 of the Top 60 perform for the chance to win America’s votes and move forward in the competition.  There were some great performances last night, but there were also a few that just didn’t manage to bring their best.  Tonight we found out how America felt about them as 8 more acts were cut from the competition.

For the first part of the show, we got to see a lot of footage not previously aired, of the contestants talking about their performances, along with the judges discussing who they liked and who they thought would get the most votes.  Mixed in with the shots of the camaraderie between the contestants backstage, we saw a little bit of  sour grapes going on with Brad Byers,  the guy who was run over with an ATV while lying on a bed of nails.   Referring to Alexandr Magala, Byers remarked “I don’t think it’s fair that he made a mistake, I didn’t, and the judges were hard on me and not him.”  Alexandr said “No offense, but I did the trick with the nails before.”  The judges explained their issue with Byers last night when they said he doesn’t possess the showmanship skills to make him stand out the way he needed to.  Alexandr is more charismatic and his act is more exciting.  The element of danger is obvious in Alexandr’s act, but it really doesn’t come across that well in Brad Byers’ act.  Plus, Alexandr looks 100% more appealing without his shirt.  The judges didn’t say that, I’m saying that.  It’s  shallow, I know, but aesthetics is important in show business.

Another entertaining piece of filler during tonight’s episode was a skit featuring judge, Howie Mandel disguised as a tour guide offering tours of the America’s Got Talent studio to unsuspecting tourists. Watch the video from tonight’s show of Howie.

Finally a half hour into the show Nick got started on the results.  He called Innovative Force, The Struck Boyz and Aquanuts out to centerstage.  After much too long a pause, he announced that Innovative Force had received the most votes of the three and they would be going to the semi-finals.  Of the three, these girls definitely deserve to move on.  Heidi said she wasn’t surprised at the result and said she’s loved them from the start.  As far as the other two acts are concerned, I believe The Struck Boyz didn’t do as well as they could have last night proved by their audition performance and Aquanuts is going to have a limited audience.

Next, Nick called up Brad Byers, Kid the Whiz and Dave Shirley.  Unfortunately, none of these acts were voted through to the next round.  America probably got it right with this one, but Kid the Whiz seems like a sweet kid and I’ll miss him.  He does have a certain appeal and I think he’ll find the right outlet for his talents eventually.

Next to come forward was Marty Brown, Alexandr Magala and Ciana Pelakai.  Mel said she was very glad that the judges didn’t have to make the decision on these three and when pressed by the others, she wouldn’t even venture a guess.  In the biggest surprise of the night, Marty Brown was the one to win America’s hearts and votes last night.  He shook his head in disbelief, along with many other folks who never thought he’d go through after last night’s debacle.  He apologized for his performance and said, “I’ll give you a performance of a lifetime next time I come to this holy place.”  Nick asked Howard Stern what he thought.  He said, “I’m shocked”. You didn’t measure up last night”.  “This is a good wake up call for you, take it seriously.  I hope that put a scare in you.”   Considering Marty has done this professionally, he should have known better than to let his emotions take over last night and ruin his performance.  Working one’s way into voter’s hearts can make all the difference in a competition such as America’s Got Talent and I’m not surprised that he was voted into the semi-finals.  I just hope he makes good on his promise and from now on, delivers the kind of performances that we know he is capable of.

The last three contestants, Forte, Angela Hoover and Tone the Chiefrocca stepped forward to learn their fate.  The first to be put through was Forte, which was a given I think.  The audience certainly sounded happy.  Howie called them “the broadest reaching performance of last night”.    The fate of Angela and Tone was to be decided by a majority vote of the judges, which resulted in a tie with Heidi and Howie voting for Tone, and Mel and Howard voting for Angela.  Prior to casting his vote,  Howard had a lot to say to Angela about her performance last night.  “Angela right now thinks I hate her” because he told her last night that she bombed.  “There’s something about Angela…For God’s sake if I do put you through, get yourself some help writing”.  “You could take this thing if you pull your act together.”  Just before he cast his vote, Howie and Heidi made a feeble attempt to stop him, but he ignored them and cast his vote for Angela.  So it came down to what America wants and America wants Angela Hoover.  So, we say goodbye to Tone the ChiefRocca and his hype man for the time being.  These two are determined to make it and they will no doubt re-surface somewhere out there.

So, the 4 acts that made it through tonight are Innovative Force, Marty Brown, Forte and Angela Hoover.

Next week the 12 acts scheduled to perform are Jim Meskimen, Kelsey & Bailey, Jonathan Allen, David “The Cobra Kid” Weathers, Leon Etienne & Romy Low, Deanna DellaCioppa, Chicago Boyz Acrobatic Team, Mitsi Dancing School, Brandon & Savannah, Aerosphere Aerial Balloon Show, Kenichi Ebina and American Military Spouses Choir.

What did you think of tonight’s results?  Do you think Marty Brown deserved another chance?  Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.  Check back next week for our recaps of the next 12 acts set to perform live on America’s Got Talent Season 8 on Tuesday, August 6, 2013 on NBC at 9pm EST.

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