Hey everyone! I hope you are all as excited for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. as I am. I thought after the fun of San Diego Comic Con, now would be as good a time as any to get things started at this new little site. So here’s one of the biggest pieces of news you may have heard…

Maria Hill!

Maria Hill! (Photos courtesy of Marvel/ABC)

Maria Hill is back, y’all!!

In a surprise announcement made during a panel with Joss Whedon during SDCC, we learned that Cobie Smulders would return in the pilot as badass SHIELD agent, Maria Hill. Cartwheels may have been attempted on my part.

As of right now, this is only a pilot appearance because Smulders still has this little show called How I Met Your Mother – and this season focuses entirely on the weekend of Barney & Robin’s wedding. And Smulders plays Robin, so she’s maaaybe going to be needed on set. Just a guess. But this is the final season of HIMYM, so if Whedon sends Smulders and her agent a nice fruit basket (or just a note saying “Hey, I’m Joss Whedon. Can you do this?”) maybe this part-time deal can become a full time gig for Season 2.

By the way, don’t you just love that everyone, when hearing this story, has mentioned Season 2 as if it is given not just a possibility? Because it has to be a given, right? RIGHT?

On a scale of 1 to skipping across the Rainbow Bridge in Asgard hand in hand with Thor, just how excited are you for this announcement?

Hit the comments and let me know! And let me know what else you’d like to hear about before the show starts!

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