There’s no getting around it, Glee is one of America’s favorite shows. But do we need more chances to buy things offered on a silver platter in front of our poor lil’ noses while we try to simply enjoy a show? Read on to learn about that “watch with other Gleeks” thing that’s going on this summer.

When I first heard about this interactive Glee experience, I thought it was cool. Although, I wasn’t sure how much more interactive it can get from watching a show on your TV at the same time as others, and all being on Twitter talking about it (which we all do, and is why shows like Glee become fast trending topics.)

Do you think the Glee kids would like the new Lady Gaga video more than Katy Perry did?

Coincident TV’s interactive video suite is bringing you the “Glee Superfan Experience”. You’ll be able to watch entire episodes of Glee online while also using the Internet – “accessing (your) favorite GLEE social media sites, purchasing Glee-related merchandise and watching bonus material.”

In the press release, Coincident TV says, “CTV Technology Provides Immersive and Interactive ‘Superfan’ Experience for ‘GLEEks’ on” There’s no need to put Gleeks in little fake quotes, I’m sure we’ll add it to the dictionary soon enough. Because this is run through Fox, itself, this seems to be a pretty big deal.

With a show that has such a cult following of loyal fans, this seems to be the perfect place to launch this “immersive video viewing” but what is the aim? Is it really going to help you better enjoy your viewing of Glee, or is it really just another way to push a consumer-driven lifestyle at you since most of us has forsaken commercials as we use DVR’s? We all already know how to buy the music if we want it, so we don’t need links popping up on our screen and distracting us while we watching. As for chatting with other fans, Twitter has accomplished that.

This initiative with FOX and GLEE is the perfect way for Coincident TV to introduce audiences to immersive video viewing,” said David Kaiser, CTV founder and chief executive officer. “GLEE viewers are savvy media consumers and incredibly loyal fans. The GLEE Superfan experience gives them an exciting new way to interact with and enjoy the content they are so passionate about.”

The CTV interactive video platform also features patent-pending technologies that provide enhanced branding opportunities for advertisers and contextualized e-commerce such as selling music, merchandise and related applications directly within each episode.

“As the first broadcast network to take advantage of CTV’s technology, we can now offer GLEE fans an even deeper, more engaging experience on,” said Hardie Tankersley, Vice President of Innovation and Social Media for FOX. “GLEE Superfan kicks off a broader initiative with CTV that will enhance our popular properties with a rich and unique interactive video platform.”

I’m just not sure if that’s a lot of eloquent speak for “we’re going to try and make people buy things in this new way, since commercials are moot.” What do you think? And btw, you can visit the Glee Superfan experience RIGHT HERE.

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