It’s time to get the facts straight, and prepare for what could be a revolutionary new TV show, or a huge, stinkin’ flop. I’ll tell you right now, I’ve been veering towards the latter. After doing more research, and watching interviews and previews – do you think I changed my mind? (Warning: I’m totally stubborn.)

William Shatner, Nicole Sullivan and Will Sasso in $#*! My Dad Says

The show in question is Shit My Dad Says. Except, taking points off of it right away, the title has been changed to $#*! My Dad Says. (It will be pronounced “Bleep My Dad Says.”) I understand they can’t say the word on TV.  Sadly, it takes away some  credibility and had they been able to keep the word it would have been a clear indicator that the show isn’t going to mellow itself down and cater to a safe demographic of people who also watch TV shows about who can eat the most bugs in ten minutes.

If you somehow aren’t aware, the show is based on the infamous Twitter account Shit My Dad Says, an account created by Justin Halpern. This is a guy who is funny, and should be – since he’s a comedy writer. The thing that was different about his funny tweets was that there was an angle there. It’s all allegedly things his dad has said. (I find it difficult to believe that Halpern has never snuck in a few of his own zingers.)

Video’s below!

Early reports about the account said that Halpern was unemployed, but all sorts of Wikipedia pieces have been changed to reflect that he was employed writing for the Maxim online site, and just living with his Dad.

There’s a book, but don’t even bother reading it (psh!) – because soon there will be the TV series on CBS. In the lead, is William Shatner as the Dad in question.

After I listened to a radio interview with Justin Halpern, I was much more charmed, and started rooting for the show. (Dammit!)

Something to take note is that the main son, Henry, was cast as Ryan Devlin (Cougar Town) and that’s who you’ll see in these promo’s. However, he’s since been replaced by Jonathan Sadowski (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.) Ouch. I just hope he’s funny! I will definitely be giving this show a chance.

Justin Halpern Radio Interview

$#*! My Dad Says – Fall 2010 Preview

$#*! My Dad Says –  Preview

$#*! My Dad Says – Meet Ed