On Monday, Small Screen Scoop was part of a conference call with Shay Mitchell (Pretty Little Liars.) Although we don’t have the full transcript yet, we have plenty to get you excited about, like what Shay Mitchell is really like (it’s all good)!

(The Full Shay Mitchell Interview is here!)

shay mitchell

Mitchell has a busy schedule with Pretty Little Liars starting up again this January, but she does get to go home to Canada for Christmas.

Surprisingly, Mitchell said she and the girls (Lucy Hale, Ashley Benson and Troian Bellisario) don’t realize the success of the show until they travel outwards, like they recently did in coming to New York City.

But she hasn’t been jaded yet. She still gets excited driving onto the lot in L.A. And as for being grounded, she says she is still the same girl in the sense she still talks to her family and friends from Canada. And it’s clear why Mitchell has lots of friends, she’s a positive and open girl who isn’t afraid to talk about serious subjects (such as her character being gay.) Although, I suspect she isn’t naturally serious all the time. She seems quick-witted and friendly, ready to make jokes and laugh at yours (even if they’re bad.)

Pretty Little Liars may deal with lots of situations that will (hopefully!) never happen to you, but Mitchell says within the mystery of “A” there’s a lot more to understand. “A lot of the issues we deal with are quite possibly happening on a day to day basis. … It makes the show not so far fetched and brings it to a very realistic kind of world. I think each of the chars are very relatable.” (Lightly paraphrased, come back when we have the official transcript and we’ll have the exact words.)

I asked Mitchell if there would be more scary things for Emily coming up. She recently watched Black Swan and then tweeted that she couldn’t sleep after watching. But Emily won’t have so many eerie scenes in the second half of season 1. However, that only goes for Emily. The other girls may have more eerie moments – and I believe they will. “I would say there are a lot of intense moments, not so much scary, for Emily. The stakes are raised a lot higher.”

Then I wanted to know if there were any fears that Mitchell might ever have to conquer during filming. Hopefully they never want to stick her in a small space because Mitchell says she’s a bit claustrophobic and hopes they never have to go into an underground tunnel to get to A. She’s also not super fond of elevators or rodents. Her perfect nightmare would probably be an elevator full of rats – eek!

I write for a shopping blog as well (which often covers Pretty Little Liars Fashion), and when I talked to Ashley Benson I asked a lot about fashion and style. Both Benson and Mitchell have pages on Boutiques.com, so I asked her about that. Turns out that Mitchell, unlike Emily, LOVES girly fashion. On the Boutiques site, “I’m following a bunch of people like Nicole Richie, and it’s really neat ’cause you can just log on and kind of see her style and her wishlist and favorite items. It makes shopping online easier. I see what she picks… it’s like shopping with them (the other celebrities who have signed up.) Shop with Shay – she has lots of great picks on the site!

When Mitchell and the other girls are out,  they have started to understand their characters (and each other’s characters) so much that they’ll comment, “Omg, this is what Aria would wear!” Do you guys already do that? I know I do.

“I come to work and put on Emily’s wardrobe and turn into her,” Mitchell says. “I am so girly and I love playing dress up. I love bright dresses and high heeled shoes. I love fashion, so my closet is a little bit brighter (than Emily’s.” Of course, Emily is always stylish, even if it’s in a sporty way. Mitchell uses the word “comfort” to describe Emily’s clothing. “She’s very athletic, she would choose comfort over a trendy outfit whereas I would probably get the trendy outfit. I have just as many heels as she has sneakers, and dresses as she has jeans.”

After the call I tweeted a thank you to Shay, and she tweeted back! Isn’t that sweet?

Make sure to check back in with Small Screen Scoop for the full transcript of this Shay Mitchell interview! She’s a true gem, and you won’t want to miss a second of Pretty Little Liars.

Pretty Little Liars returns on Monday, January 3 at 8/7c.

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