It’s that time of summer again where you sit back in a recliner and listen to the smooth narration of a Discovery channel host talk about one of the creatures we fear most: sharks. That’s right, it’s almost time for Shark Week 2011! So throw up your hands, and try not make direct eye contact with any of these guys.

The week will start with “Great White Invasion” – a piece that clues us in to the fact that Great White Sharks are coming out of the deep waters and closer to people playing in the water. Scientists are now asking “why are they doing this?” and their answers may surprise you. (It’s because they want to be Facebook friends! No. But actually, it’s kind of because they want to be lazy and get tans. For real.)

OtherĀ  specials for Shark Week 2011 are “Jaws Comes Home” and “Shark City.”

Shark Week 2011 premieres on the Discovery Channel on July 31 (9 pm). The Shark Week host (sorry, Chief Shark Officer) will be Andy Samberg (not Sandberg) of Saturday Night Live. And I can’t be the only person hoping he’ll do a new video for “I’m On a Boat.

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